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10 Beard Care Products

PKMH Mens Grooming

Men are often told that they don’t have to work on their appearance because they are men. However, it’s important to look your best because you are also a person.

Men often feel inadequate when they compare themselves to the stereotypes of masculinity. The standards of “what it means to be a man” are unrealistic and can cause low self-esteem. However, it’s important to look your best because you are also a person.

Men have realized that being groomed well gives them a number of advantages in the workplace, and in their personal relationships as well. It is important for men to be well groomed as it helps in boosting your confidence as well as giving you an aura of professionalism.

Well lately, beards have been taking the grooming world by storm, and for good reason. They’re not only stylish but also super functional. As a result, more and more men are discovering the benefits of keeping their facial hair well-groomed.

However, keeping a beard clean and cared for isn’t always the easiest feat. It takes a lot of effort, care, and the right product to get your beard looking its best.

Fortunately, there are lots of great beard care products available that make it easy to take care of your beard.


Here are some #pkmhproductrecommendations you need to know about to keep your beard clean & groomed.

1. Beardo Godfather Beard Wash

The father of all beard grooming products, Beardo Godfather Face Wash is the ultimate. It has everything from the goodness of avocados and glycerine to help your facial hair stay soft and refreshing for multiple timeless hairstyles! Not only does it make a great gift but also groom your beard in suave style.

Price: Rs. 195

2. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil Advanced

If you notice a patchy beard, it is likely due to your hormones being in balance. This beard growth oil helps restore the testosterone levels and boosts the hair follicles in order to stimulate new facial-hair growth! It has DHT boosters that enhance beard growth and Redensyl that works on stem cells of the follicle to improve overall health of your skin.

Price: Rs. 545

3. Beardo Hair Growth Oil

Beardo Hair Growth Oil nourishes your hair from the inside to help prevent hair fall and promote healthy, beautiful growth.

Price: Rs. 548

4. Beardo Beard Color for Men

Regular hair color products are not safe for use on facial hairs, but Beardo Beard Color is ammonia-free and doesn't have harsh chemicals. It's gentle and easy to apply- even in 10 minutes! You can get 100% gray coverage with it as well, which lasts long without having any residue after application.

Price: Rs. 351

5. Beardo Hair Serum with argan oil

Beardo is a solution for those who want to fight their graying hair and keep it strong and healthy. Beardo's Hair Serum enriched with Argan oil provides a healthy shine, making your hair more manageable, while adding life back into the look of grayed-out strands.

Price: Rs. 230

6. The Man Company Ayushman Beard Care Box

The Man Company's brand ambassador, Ayushmann Khurrana, picked out some of the best products for a complete grooming regime to ensure you grow an enviable beard. These products are enriched with nourishing ingredients and essential oils that will help cleanse your face and manage your facial hair as well as promote growth in order to style it better.

Price: Rs. 887

7. Beardo Beard Softener For Men

Beardruff is a common issue faced by men with beards. Given that we have faces, the beard naturally accumulates dust and debris on it throughout the day. If you wash your face in cold water daily and use dry towels to pat your beard dry instead of rubbing it vigorously against rough surfaces, you may prevent this problem from occurring as much or stopping altogether.

Price: Rs. 338

8. Beardo Beard And Mustache Wax Extra Strong

Made with the best ingredients, this beard and mustache wax will leave your hair frizz-free, easy to style, shiny and presentable. It's especially meant for those who want to look presentable in a social setting while not giving up their manhood! This product is the best choice you'll ever make!

Price: Rs. 338

9. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Softener Balm

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Softener is a balm that contains soothing ingredients like olive oil and shea butter. It's rich texture helps to form, soften and moisturize your hair while keeping it damage-free. This beard softener provides long lasting results without compromising on the natural quality of your beard.

Price: Rs. 249

10. VEGA Beard Comb

If you're looking for a beard comb that helps keep your facial hair well groomed, Vega's is the one. Our combs are handcrafted to help you keep all your phases - from short boxed down to long beards- in order to make sure they stay neat and tidy. The pocket clip means it attaches easily so it doesn't get lost when carrying around with you!

Price: Rs. 135


Grooming will help you earn the respect of your superiors, colleagues, and clients and make you a more valuable asset to your company. Being groomed well can also help you in your personal life. It helps in improving your social life as well as helping build self confidence.

The few beard care brands we recommended above are a tip of the iceberg in an ever growing market of male grooming products.

Try them out and see which works best for you.

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