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Grooming oneself is highly important be it for women or men. Maintaining personal hygiene and being presentable should be a priority for everyone. But not every man has a grooming routine. So if you’re planning on having one, you should invest in good quality grooming kits.


Below are a few kits that #pkmhrecommends for all the men to get groomed, feel good & look good.

This amazing grooming kit consists of four men’s grooming essentials like Body Perfume (Mysterious), Deodorant Body Spray, Axe Signature Denim After Shave Lotion and Axe Signature Denim Shaving Cream. The shaving lotion and cream gives you a smooth shave and the body perfume and deodorant keeps you fresh all day. Get this for just Rs. 455.

This combo of 6 consists of brush , Soap, Park Avenue Deo Talc, shaving cream, Park Avenue shaving razor and shave lotion which is a lot in such affordable price. The soap and talc keeps you fresh throughout this hefty summer and shaving lotion with razor gives you a gliding shave. Get this deal at Rs. 599

This steak deal comprises of a razor with Gillette Mach 3 shaving gel along with 2 cartridges that would easily last for 2 months. This shaving kit for men is perfect for travelling as it also comes with a cute free pouch. Grab this deal at Rs. 489.

This super kit comes with five grooming products that is Nivea Men Sensitive Foaming and After Shave Lotion which just ideal for shaving.The pack also contains Nivea All In One Face Wash, Dark Spots Cream. Moreover it consists ofa Deodorant, which is just the perfect combo of skin care, shaving and body care in one. Get this for 525.

If you’re looking for hair care with skin care, this combo is just perfect for you. It consists of Set Wet charcoal face wash, charcoal peel off mask, perfume spray and shampoo. So you get two in one benefits along with a free pouch at just Rs. 733.

This amazing men’s kit comprises of a face wash, Scrub and beard oil. So the cleanse and the scrub exfoliates all the dead skin cells and the beard oil keeps your beard it style and itch free all summer. Grab this deal at Rs. 499.

If you’re someone who loves charcoal for a glowing skin, then this grooming kit is perfect for you. The pack comes in a stylish wooden box with comprises of a charcoal body wash, charcoal shampoo, charcoal face Scrub face wash a cleansing gel and charcoal soap bar. So you get a healthy skin along with hair care in just Rs. 1644.

This kit comes with a free travel bag and consists of Ustraa Cologne Soap, Ustraa Rebel Cologne Soap, Hair Cream, Cologne and face wash which is suitable for oily skin in summer. So you get skin care along with care at your tips just Rs. 1153.

This essential kit consists of face wash and Ultra glow face lotion which is really ideal for summers if you’re someone who stays more outdoors. Coming with SPF 40, it protects your skin against the harsh UV rays. Grab this for just Rs. 556.

This amazing beard grooming kit contains a beard growth serum, beard oil, beard wash and a beard comb. While it summers it common for beard to itch, the hair wax helps to tame the beard hair and the beard oil helps in its steady growth. Grab this for just Rs. 899.


This was all about men’s grooming kits. If you’re looking for some skin care along with hair care, these are some of the the best self use options. It’s time to get grooming guys!

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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature and might not be suitable to everyone. Incase you have a specific skin, hair or a beauty query, reach out to us on email.

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