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10 Pedicure Types

Happy Feet

Looking good & feeling good go hand in hand. Clean, well groomed & happy feet play a substantial part in that feel good factor. Pedicures are the basic care we can provide for our feet. But is there just one pedicure type available?

We’ve made a list of the more fun and functional pedicures to pamper yourself with. Intrigued? Read on for more.



Who knew the wine could be healthy for your feet as well? In fact, wine is perfect for your body, thus initiating wine into the beauty world. Wine is made up of reinvigorating enzymes that make finger nails and callouses smoother while brightening your feet. So with your foot immersed in wine accompanied by traditional pedicure measures, a wine pedicure brings flawless results.



Do you have swollen, cracked feet? A paraffin pedicure offers outstanding results. With your feet covered in paraffin wax during the process, your skin is softened and moisturised as a deep treatment. This pedicure consists of a material with alkaline compounds imbued with moisturising properties. The heated paraffin wax also helps to loosen clogged pores on the skin surface and thereby nourishes it properly.



This is among the most special, but worth the hunt, and very difficult to locate pedicures. In a heated milk bath accompanied by an antibacterial sugar scrub and followed by a honey paste, the mixture of milk and honey pedicure starts with calming feet dipping. Among those who are looking for additional relaxation and cleanser, the results are super soothing and skin softening process is ideal.



A hot stone type of pedicure is done after a standard pedicure, typically accompanied by a complete body polish treatment to the feet and legs. Your full legs and feet are still wrapped for about five minutes with a wet towel after covering the mask. You'll have great effects by rinsing and rubbing your legs and feet.


Margarita PEDICURE

As your feet need to dance to a complete feel-good pedicure treatment is here which is exactly what Margarita Pedicure is popular for. But for the components used: citrus footbath, lemongrass massage oil, salt based scrub, and finishing with lime-flavored moisturiser, one should take it as a typical pedicure.



This pedicure is also a pleasure for all chocolate enthusiasts, as it includes everything you could think of from the realm of cocoa, caramel foot bath, cocoa foot mask, including the moisturising chocolate moisturiser. There is additional chocolate-hued nail paint. In fact, chocolate has incredible advantages for the feet, with the essence of cocoa easily and naturally moisturises the hands.



This kind of pedicure is meant for someone who wishes to maintain their pedicure and polish for a longer time. The whole method is similar until it gets to nail patching as in Traditional Pedicure. Nail polish is added and UV rays are then impacted. This method needs you to repeat it a few times. Quite certainly, three times, if only to be accurate. You should wear this polish on your nails for up to four weeks.



A much loved, traditional pedicure technique. After a regular pedicure a clear base paint is applied to the nails. The nail tips are coated with white nail polish. It simulates the nail's normal form and structure.



An upgraded variant of a traditional pedicure is the spa pedicure. You will experience the most soothing process during a spa pedicure: foot soaking and washing, standard pedicure and foot massage with nurturing and aromatherapy oils.



A simpler version of the Regular Pedicure is a micro pedicure. You have your feet washed and nails trimmed and coloured during the mini pedicure. This pedicure is committed to practical individuals who wish to save money and time and only wish to take proper care of their feet.


Instead of going to salons, many of us tend to try a pedicure at home. But in the results obtained, there is an enormous disparity. It is recommended that you get a refreshing salon pedicure.

And now that we have listed the top pedicure types, it would be easy for you to select from and have an immersive pedicure experience.

To Happy Feet!!!


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Note the recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin, nail or beauty related concerns , reach out to us on email

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