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PKMH Makeup 101

Valentine's is all about love. And we all know nothing other than the color red and the color pink can be a better choice for your valentine's eye makeup look. Now let’s talk about design ideas, there are either too many options to choose from or too little that we can actually carry.

But that’s where we at #pkmh swoop in!

In this article we have selected some fun red and pink eye makeup for you to flaunt.

Try out these stunning variations for this valentine's season and woo everyone with your charm, style and beauty.

Here we go:

1. Touch of glam

This red eyeshadow look is ideal for individuals who want to wear little makeup and only want a hint of color on their eyelids. Simply apply a cream eyeshadow on the upper eyelid and smudge with your finger all the way up to the brow bone to recreate the look. Then, all over the lid and beneath the bottom eye line, mix a powder shadow. Finish with a smidgeon of shimmer in the middle of the eyelid and a line of definition down the inner rim of the waterline.

2. Red Graphic Liner

Experiment with your eyeliner and get outside of your comfort zone. The classic black top-lined lid is given a colorful twist with a colored liner and a graphic form. Choose a graphic style with red liner since you can experiment with it in so many ways—a basic cat-eye, merely beneath the eye, in the inner corner, playful shapes, and so on.

3. A Fierce Underline

Sometimes all it takes is a splash of color to make a statement with your makeup. Start with a subtle color shadow on the lid and a highlight beneath the brow to get this effect. Then, either use a creamy waterproof pencil or a wet angled eyeliner brush to apply a red eyeshadow beneath the eye. Finish with thick mascara for more drama and volume.

4. The Right Undertone

As easy and stylish as it appears, it may easily devolve into a Halloween nightmare. Make sure there is no redness around your eyes before choosing the proper undertone. Apply a creamy eyeshadow and a highlighter beneath the brow to get this look. Use a pencil to gently darken your waterline in addition to black eyeliner. Then mix the glossy red eyeshadow on your lower lash line using an eyeliner brush. You may even finish off the look with thick mascara.

5. Hot Wings

Make sure your skin is well prepped and any uneven skin is concealed before going for this look. Apply a nude creamy eyeshadow as a base, then softly define the 'V' shape required for this look with a red pencil. It will serve as a guide as you smear the red eyeshadow across your brow bone outwards (ideally with a blending brush). Then, along the tear duct and waterline, apply a dash of shimmer. To allow the eyeshadow to work on its own, use mild mascara, no eyeliner, and neutral lipstick.

6. Pearly pink look

Have Valentine's dinner date but don't want to wear bright colors? You can avoid dark eyeshadows and even the smoky eye appearance. Rather, you may choose your favorite color, but with a twist. Pink isn't only a pretty color. It's also a great color for a get-together. Just make sure you get the color in a pearly or glossy finish. If you can find a baked texture that can be utilized both dry and wet, you'll receive brownie points. Use a wet pink eyeshadow with a pearl finish to bring your pink eye makeup look to life. Finish with black eyeliner and mascara and you are all ready to rock your date.

7. Barrier Liner

You've always wanted to try pink eyeliner but are afraid you won't be able to pull it off. That's where the use of a barrier eyeliner comes into play. It aids you in the smoothest of methods while also elevating your pink eyeliner. A barrier eyeliner, as the name implies, is when you use eyeshadow, whether pink, pastel, or otherwise, followed by a regular eyeliner. Then, precisely where the margins of the previous eyeliner stop, add the pink eyeliner. As a result, the second liner acts as a buffer between your lash line and the pink eyeliner, allowing you to experiment while also reducing the edginess of the pink eyeliner. Isn't it cool?

8. Soft Subtle Pink

Pink is a lovely pastel and neutral color. If you want to keep your valentine's makeup subtle, go for softer, more neutral pink tones that only brighten up your eyes. Pink may not usually imply a bright or fuchsia hue. It might also be a gentler variation with a delicate appearance. The best part about wearing a matte texture is that it helps to bring out your eyeliner even more, with the ideal pink shade acting as both an eyeshadow and a primer to seal the complete eye makeup look. You may even go for pink eyeshadows that are a little shiny. However, matte is still our favorite.

9. Cut Crease With Silver

The combination of pink and silver creates a lovely eye makeup look for the dance. Apply a stunning pink to the upper eyelids and a rim of the same color to the lower lash line. Apply a little amount of surgical adhesive to the crease and cut a crease line from the inner to the outside area of the lid. Form a winged effect on the outer corner of the eyes with a silver line drawn with an eyeliner brush dipped in silver.

10. Golden and pink

You'd be his princess in his eyes, therefore you'd better be dressed appropriately for the event. A princess eye makeup statement may be created with a blend of matte pink and gold glitter, which is too cute to wear on Valentine's Day. The initial foundation on the lid would be a soft matte pink to bathe the eyelids in, followed by a subtle shimmer gold placed over the ball of the eyelid with the pinky finger. Apply your kajal and mascara, then shape up your brows with a smudge brush to overlap the gradients. You're set for date night!


Let’s fall in love with ourselves this Valentines Day and amp up our look with the right makeup. Create your own signature look, mix and match the above eye make up ideas or go subtle. Just remember your eye makeup ermm we mean eyes speak volumes!

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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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