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2021 Beauty Trends

PKMH Top Ten

Every year new beauty trends come into existence and compared to the year 2020 where we mostly relied on #DIY at home, we can now shift our focus to beauty trends that can be applied personally and professionally.

With new found customer interest and needs 2021 brings you to you a certain set of beauty trends which cannot be overlooked. Here’s our Top Ten:


Exfoliation is Key

With the new normal in focus chemical exfoliation will be a big trend this year. From formulas and blends including AHA & BHA, the brands have now developed various exfoliant for self use and there’s something available got every paying consumer. From niche Skincare requirements to main stream this beauty trend is here to stay this 2021.


Antibacterial Hair

With the insurgence of virus and bacteria and the average persons touching the hair at an estimate of 10 times an hour, brands have starting developing antibacterial and anti microbial products got the hair that not only remove dirt but also help alleviate germs and any other bacterial infection. Products being developed are in the form of shampoos, cleansing sprays etc. A big move for the year 2021.


Maskne Products

Wearing masks is now a part of our mundane routine, even post the lockdown. This can be an irritant for the skin and can lead to many skin related issues.

Beauty trends 2021 demands for soothing face sprays and face masks with zinc oxide. Look for face masks made to negate the symptoms of wearing face coverings. This way you can be safe and maintain your skin health.


Simp-Care Skin

Less is more this 2021. With brands developing effective treatments for your skin care woes, slim down the Skincare regime to 2-3 products. Gone are the days of skincare rituals. Simplification is the key to and the trend in focus is ‘skip-care’, I.e, minimising the use and skipping products for the most viable ones needed to give your skin that healthy glow.


Natural Hair Care

We have some interesting hair care solutions according to #Pinterest Trends 2021. Going in for low maintenance, no heat solutions is the way forward. Air drying and embrace the au natural hair texture is a complete win-win for the year 2021. On the hairstyle front braids of all sorts are in. Experiment with all kinds of braids. They are fun, easy and low maintenance. Add on some hair accessories or highlights to bring out the braided look.


Microbiome Skin Health

Image Courtesy The Independent

Probiotic Skincare is here to stay this 2021. With strong indications that microbiome skincare will be a big trend this year. What is micro biome health? This refers to an ecosystem of living microorganisms on our skin (there are billions of them). Products that are synbiotics will be huge this year. As they combine that combine probiotics and prebiotics that effectively balance the microbiome.



A term Coined and popularised by Pinterest, “skinimalism” is all about natural skin and lesser make up. True to the effect of 202”, many of us are wearing minimal makeup and spending more time on skin care than ever before. Experts suggest the searches on the social media platform, are focused on facial yoga and natural skin care routines. Minimal makeup for a natural look is also a big trend this year


Plant-based Skincare

Experts have suggested that some of the most popular and most searched ingredients being bakuchiol, gotu kola, ginger, and witch hazel flowers, plant-based skincare. Considering the surge of eco-conscious consumers plant based Skincare is now moving from a niche market to a more wider consumer base in 2021.


Transparent skincare

What are skincare products are made of? What is their traceability? The formulas that make them what they are. These are the questions that consumers have been asking, and the brands have moe decided to share ingredient transparency as a part of their product branding. From sustainability to reducing the carbon footprint, brands have become extra cautious in terms of ingredients, formulas and packaging. A massive trend to appease the knowledgeable Comsumer, this is a big trend for 2021.


Personalized Product

This year the customers will be more inclined towards having customized products for themselves, as consumers look towards sustainability. Products that match their needs will be the go-to products. The task of grooming themselves cannot be better done by the product that is specially made to suit your own skin or hair requirements.


This year the beauty trends have gone up a notch. They are more customer focused while promising them the best results. A more self care approach with a range of traceable, organic and sustainable products. Brands have borne in mind consumer needs as per the current scenario and a forecast of beauty trends that will be needed.

After having read our #PKMHtopten, it’s time to get on that beauty wagon now isn’t it?


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  • Note: The trends mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase of any specific queries please reach out to us on email.

  • Disclaimer: images used in this article are for representation purpose only. We do not promote any particular product or brand for any purpose.

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