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2021 Manicure Trends

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2020 may not have been the year of partying and working out of an office, but it was surely the year for pampering yourself. With all the DIY videos you surely did outdid yourself and try out various looks. Nail art is no different it was tried and tested too. With the new year we can assure that those trials will now showcase themselves. With the new trends of 2021 and the promise of beauty returning to a semblance of normalcy, nail art is going to take an exciting turn.



Let’s not forget the essence and beauty of nude shades. They complement your skin and your type of clothing. You can never go wrong. This look has never gone out of trend. Keeping it minimal always has a positive touch to it. You can always add intense details to such nails. Details as a nail art on this base will surely stand out.


Single Nail Feature

This trend is far from over. All you have to do is to go all out with the paint on your nails. All out except for one. Keep a distinct difference in the two. Try out the matte look or a look glitter. By having two different patterns you can make your nails look interesting.


Metallic Nails

Giving you a shiny and lively look, these nails captivates our eyes. You cannot unsee it. Available in many chrome colours you can even try out some of your artistic skills on it. Keep it simple or spice it up, metallic nails have always been in style.


Colourful French manicure

Let’s go all basic with the perfectly manicured French nails. But what is stopping you to try out different colours rather than sticking to black and white. Try out matte and fluorescent hues in different shades on each nail.


Marble Nails

You never know about the trend. Just like this marble nails which is just an exact copy of the marble on your kitchen countertop there may be many more styles to come in this particular manicure. This look gives away a cool picture. Not only with the basic black and white but colour too is used for such marble look.


Graphic Detail

All about the simple patterns, lines and your creativity. Having contrasting colours to do so might just do the job. It gives you a simple yet artistic look. Every pattern you try gives your nails a new look. You can recreate a black and white bold look or go all colours.


Intermingling Finishes

It is when you play around with matte and glossy nail paints. You can apply both of simultaneously. For instance one can go for the matte base with French tips in glossy textures.


Blueish Gray

Grey is the new black. Absolutely loved and can used for anywhere. It is assumed that grey is going to be one outstanding colour for 2021. - yes thank you Pantone! So why not have a perfect balance of blue and grey. It stands out and surely makes everyone ask you for that shade.


Chain Nails

Usage of chains as an accessory for the nails is not new. Manicures were already done with chains. It gives you a rock and punk look, a look that truly highlights your nails. It may seem a hefty job but it is a go to option for a fashion event. Or if your inherent style is out there.



Not only do they make you look gorgeous but also give you a perfect look. They are just the ones to go to for expressive moods. You can add tiny dried petals and paint different flowers, from daisies to roses you can be expressive with your mood. You can go for the negative space nail art and enjoy the dainty floral details. Perfect for the upcoming #SpringSummer2021


Nail art is artistic and expressive. The trend keeps on changing pretty often. While the old classics remain, the others fade away. With the help of accessories like chains and pearls you can create your own mix. They express who you are. Keep up with the nail trends and go all out with your creativity.

The year has just started. So go on ‘nail it’!


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