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PKMH Look Recommendations

Navratri is here and we are all busy arranging our perfect outfits for this special occasion. In preparation for this grand festival, we know a lot of women must be tirelessly scrolling through different pages and YouTube videos on 'how to get the perfect makeup for Navratri' in hopes to get some amazing look ideas. Because let's face it, we all want to look the best and be the star of the festival.

Navratri is not only limited to perfect outfits but it is also about mastering that ‘on-fleek make-up‘ look. So why limit ourselves just to outfits when you can have fun with your makeup looks too!

Here are 5 #pkmhrecommends amazing festive looks for you. Learn more:



Starting with the base. Apply a good moisturizer for healthy and supple skin. After that apply a good matte primer for that perfect canvas-like skin. Then dab your favorite foundation for your perfect start. Follow it up with a concealer to hide those unwanted dark circles. After that swirl your brush to highlight your cheekbones with a highlighter for that amazing glow. Take a palette with some dark and shimmery shades. Use an amber shade to add subtle radiance and definition to your eyes. Time to get those smouldering eyes! Add a coat of a shimmery smokey grey shadow and blend it on your lids and lower lash line. Next up, use a volumizing mascara for fuller and voluminous lashes. Finish it off with a nude long-lasting lipstick and spray some makeup fixer so that you look flawless throughout without any a care.


First prep your skin with mattifying primer. After that conceal any visible flaws with the help of a concealer and the matte foundation of your choice. Go for a muted brown shade on your eyes and apply some good strokes of a lengthening and volumizing mascara. Then apply a deep coral powder blush on your cheeks for some youthful glow. Line your lips with the coral lip liner and fill it with orange lip colour. Follow it B up with a lip gloss and dab a tissue on your lips to wipe off the excess color. Now fill it again with your orange lipstick. This gives you a close to transfer -free lipstick that stays for a long time.


Dab your favorite primer on your face and blend it well on your skin for the perfect canvas for your base make-up. Apply a good concealer on your dark patches to hide those spots. After that add a few drops of your favorite foundation to get a smooth base. Apply a good amount of highlighter on your cheeks, nose line, and chin to get that perfect glow. Then apply a matte cherry red lipstick. Spray some finishing spray to keep your makeup all glowy, fresh and to keep your look intact. Enhance your lips with a rich cherry colour and rock every Navratri festivity.


Prepping your skin before makeup plays a major look before any makeup look. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize and apply a good dewy primer on your face for that dewy look. After that go for your favorite foundation and get blending! Then use a setting powder to set your base to remove that extra shine. Use a bronzer to bronze your skin for that sun-kissed glow. Let your eyes be the most important part of this look. Start with applying a purple shadow on your lids and lower lash line and after that add a black shadow on your upper and lower lash line and blend them seamlessly. After that stick on some fake lashes if you like that extra pinch of drama. Wear a pink nude satin lipstick. Spray some makeup fix for a long-lasting look and you are all ready to rock the Garba night!


Start with the most important thing that is your primer and apply it all over your face for that proper canvas for your makeup. For this glamourous intense look skip concealer and jump directly to your foundation and blend it well for a natural and seamless look. Don't forget to apply compact to get rid of that extra shine and to get a matte finish. Now coming to eyebrows, pull out your eyebrow tint and swirl over 3-4 strokes on your brows to get an understated look. For lush blue eyes apply a blue shadow stick on your eyes and blend it. After that apply a black shadow above your shadow and blend both of them. Go for nude lips and a hint of gloss to keep the look perfect and classy.


These are some of our favourite #pkmhrecommended make-up looks for you on this auspicious occasion of Navratri. Try these looks wherever you you like, be it puja, Garba, or any celebration.

Wear these looks and look like a festive bombshell!

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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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