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Know Your Products

Who doesn't know about the painful waxing routine one has to go through for their personal hygiene? But do you know about the various kinds of wax available in the market?

Not all the wax is created equally, but are just made to remove the hair in one way or the other. Sometimes it can be tricky to choose between so many options. Well one should go with the wax they feel more efficient and suitable for their skin.


Let’s dive into the topic of waxing and get a better understanding of the various wax types available in the market.

1. Warm Soft Wax

This kind of wax is more of a cream or resin based type and usually used for strip waxing. Firstly, it is gently warmed and taken in small quantity and applied in a thin layer over the skin where waxing is needed. This spreadable wax can cover larger areas like legs and arms and efficiently picks up even the fine hair.

2. Warm Hard Wax

This wax works effectively on thin as well as thick hair. It must be applied when it is warm and in a thicker layer than the soft wax in the direction of hair growth. This kind of wax is more suitable for smaller and sensitive like nose, under arms, lip and even the bikini area.

3. Cold Soft Wax

This kind of wax is directly taken out of pot and applied right on the skin. It is getting more popular as it eliminates the risk of burning your skin. Although it can leave some hair attached to the skin since it's not hot and can be less effective.

4. Sugar Wax

This is one of the most popular and oldest known method of waxing in the market. Formed from the most natural and simple formulas, it usually consists of sugar lemon and hot water. For its gentle nature, it's ideal for the people with sensitive skin. It works effectively against fine to medium hair growth.

5. Fruit Wax

Fruit wax a strip less just like the hard wax, along with added skin benefits of fruit enzymes and extracts like pomegranate cranberry plum. This nourishing wax provides the skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins when it removes the hair. providing skin care as well. It works perfectly for the people with sensitive skin as it avoids any bumps marks or rashes.

6. Chocolate Wax

This wax feels gentle on skin and is one of the least painful types of wax. It works perfectly when applied in warm state. It provides your skin the nourishment of almond oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, glycerin and more such minerals. The luxurious experience can be costly but is definitely worth it.

7. Fragrance Free

Not everyone enjoys the smell of additives in wax due to allergies, or skin breakouts or just because they don’t like it. In such case, one can opt for fragrance free waxing. This kind of wax, is not that prominent and can cost you more bucks than usual. With its fragrance free nature, it works the best for sensitive skin.

8. Organic

If you’re someone who believes in everything natural, then this is what you need. It is free from all kinds of chemicals and pesticides. Basically, anything that can harm your skin is not present in this kind of wax.

9. Cruelty free

This kind of waxing that ensures no animals were harmed during lab testing is the best to avoid any chance of using products that aren’t cruelty free. Not only it gives you peace of mind but also makes you feel good about your skin.


These were some of the best beauty wax types available in the market to provide you with shiny and smooth skin. We always suggest it’s important to know what your beauty and skincare products are made up of. Not only does this knowledge teach you a little something about the world of beauty it also enhances and helps narrow your choice to select the perfect wax product for your needs.

Be hair-free and care free!


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NOTE: The images are in the article are for representation purpose only. We do not specifically recommend/endorse any of the brand images mentioned. The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only and might not suit all skin types & conditions. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns, reach out to us on email.

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