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After Party Skin Care

Putting Healthy Skin To Bed!

You wish that the celebration had lasted much longer, didn't you? Like all good things, the celebrations and parties do come to a close. And even when you go home to your "natural" life & skin, to better care of your body and return it back to good strength, there are few easy steps you need to follow.

Listed below are the top five from the to-do list -short, convenient and basic - and they will go a long way in keeping your complexion healthy & glowing post celebrations..



When arriving from a party, the only activity you wish to do is throw your stilettos off and fall on the closest flat surface. A risky mix to carry on your skin is sweat, dirt, makeup and haze, particularly when you are sleeping.  Using a makeup remover or wipe as soon as possible is your first step to get rid off the makeup and smudges while further using a soothing face cleanser to rinse off any residual impurities.



In a party setting, free radicals abound-in the chemical type on your face. The # 1 trigger of skin decay is free radicals, which will in turn lead to ageing, dark patches and other skin related issues. Through your diet and skin care regime, accumulate on antioxidants. Some people prefer to avoid toners, partially since most toners are rough and aggravate the face, which is a lingering misconception. In fact, every sort of toner is meant for a particular skin condition, so it is essential to choose the correct form for your skin type.

PKMH Recommends: An important step and not to be missed.



Alcohol, crispy snacks, and sugary beverages at any party- are a normal fare? Each of these affects the skin in a dehydrating way. Consume heaps of water, and protect your skin by keeping it hydrated from outside with the help of an skin moisturizer that will help you to retain your moisture level after toning.

Let your night cream do the job while you get a restful nights sleep.



To keep the dryness at bay post partying and as a daily routine, the application of eye cream could keep the under eye skin intact and stimulate or avoid the loss of any fine lines or pigment. By selecting an under eye cream with SPF or adding sunscreen nearly every day, you could help secure the sensitive skin across your eyes.



This is a subjective step. Post partying and for any acne, spot treatments will dry the face, so please use only when you need it. To enhance their advantages, prescription medicines and acne spot remedies ought to be used only on the problem area. Since acne spot remedies range in active compounds, review the packaging of your prescription or contact your doctor on the right way to use it. A popular acne spot medication component, strength of benzoyl peroxide, seems to have a work cycle of one to three hours.


You will certainly find these post party skin care steps interesting as you start using the right ingredients for your specific skin condition after this summary of the proper order to implement in your skincare routine.

Party hard & stay skin loving!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a skin or a beauty related consultation, reach out to us on email.

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