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An apparent symptom of ageing is the lack of elasticity throughout the skin leading to a loss of consistency, form and the resultant increase in wrinkles. To discover how to revitalise your own skin and how to strike back against the factors that undermine it, take a read on our definitive guide.

There are several cosmetic procedures that can increase skin elasticity, both surgical and non-surgical. Based on one’s cosmetic preferences, finding the right treatment for skin elasticity will differ from person to person. Below are a few alternative treatments which are safe, easy and noninvasive.


It is essential that you begin to work early on to improve your skins collagen balance to keep your skin healthy. Begin early by engaging in a healthy age-preventative skin care routine, opt for routine facials to improve skin wellbeing and start selecting milder therapies for collagen-boosting.


Reach for retinol

Perceived as a common alternative, retinol is a type of vitamin A that improves the skin's creation of collagen. Retinol neutralises free radicals until they are in the center layer of the skin, which are compounds that can hold down the development of collagen and elastin. Simultaneously, retinol has a cleansing and exfoliating result on the skin and also increases overall texture and colour.


Skin Health

Positive environmental influence your skin health, however without your regular dosage of vitamin A, C and E, they might not bring you long-term effects. These vitamins are believed to enhance skin elasticity and are found in many foods. Consult your doctor should you intend to turn to vitamin supplements.



When the skin loses moisture, it can not heal itself, and is susceptible to environmental harm caused by free radicals. It will serve to rejuvenate the skin, keep it plump, supple and vibrant, while encouraging it to strike back.


Serum Satiation

Hyaluronic acid is originally created by your body. It is also for that reason an incredibly common skin care product due to its impressive ability to maintain up to 1000 times its moisture content. Skin serums with HA tend to diminish the appearance of acne scars, cracks and repair the skin structure by amplifying the quantities of hyaluronic acid in the skin.


Peel it

Facial peels are beauty care therapies that rejuvenate the skin while improving collagen and elastin output. A facial polish can also manage sun damage, scars, irregular skin tone, hyper -pigmentation and enlarged pores as well as improve elasticity of the skin on the face.


Natural Wonders

Natural ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber, berries, green tea, amla, ginseng and cinnamon tend to improve elastin in the skin. It is often suspected that Areca nut palm has an antioxidant property against elastase (a hepatic enzyme that converts elastin).


Our mantra has always been “skin care equals to self care and vice versa”.

What we feel, eat and breathe on the inside shows up on the outside. Take small steps towards skin wellness and the topicals products and treatments will be an added bonus.


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Note the products mentioned in the photographs are for representation purpose only. We do not recommend a specific brand or product as a part of our generic article. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin problems, reach out to us on email.

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