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Types, Steps & Benefits

These days, a number of makeup brands say that they offer an airbrushed look. What they want to suggest is that they have a very real, skin-like surface producing makeup. The ‘actual‘ Airbrush makeup is among the very prevalent makeup procedures used on actors, celebrities and even newlyweds by skilled makeup artists. And what is airbrush makeup basically, you may think?

Let’s take you through that tour -




For individuals with the texture of oily skin, this style of airbrush makeup is an awesome choice, as the water-consistency product settles into a matt finish on application. For optimal appearance, the matte texture of the makeup is simple one to create.


With a large proportion of alcohol in it, this style of airbrushed makeup is created with ease and has incredible staying power.


If you are somebody who loves makeup that looks normal, then it is an ideal pick for you. As far as you choose the right colour that suits your skin tone, this formula offers a very smooth, skin-like finish.



The airbrush technique results are best achieved when applied by a skilled artist. You may also on occasion try this yourself.

Step 1:

Start by spraying the primer evenly all over the face. This ensures an even base for your makeup to follow. The Spray gun should be 6-7 inches away from the face & the spray pattern should be in a circular motion for even deposit of makeup.

Step 2: Apply a cream concealer to the under your and any imperfections you’d like to conceal. Follow this is up with a 4-5 drops of foundation and spray across the face. Make sure the circular hand motion is in place throughout the application process.

Step3: Highlight and contour your face by spraying along the cheekbone and along the jawline for contouring and highlighting between the contoured area. The motion should be straight.

Step4: Spray blush on the apples of the cheek in a straight line. Keep the motion constant. This helps depositing the blush evenly without any heavy spots.

Step 5: Follow up with regular eye makeup and lip colouring (note eyeshadow and lip colour applications can also be done using airbrush makeup but this is more subjective)



  1. It is water soluble, meaning it is resistant to moisture and perspiration.

  2. Its non transferable.

  3. It seems light, but maximum coverage can be offered. Depending on how many "goes" made during the process, it will give you slight sheer exposure, medium or maximum coverage.

  4. It looks natural and offers longer cleaner wear if applied right.Airbrush makeup provides an incredibly smooth, realistic and perfect finish to the skin. When applied properly, airbrush makeup provides a sleek, flawless appearance that can be hard to obtain with standard makeup equipment.

  5. This method involves a blending brush that helps give the makeup an additional chiseled appearance with a consistent effect.


We love to experiment with makeup and if you’re up for an unconventional makeup session before your party night out... we suggest you try this one!


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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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