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If there is one thing we wish for us our makeup to last for the entire day, isn’t it? The easiest way is to keep your before-work makeup simple and carry all the lil essentials to refresh and add on to your face just before painting the town red.

Modify your makeup for a festive night out with some sparkle and shimmer to mirror that festive vibe.

Here are some tips to take you from your work hour makeup look to a wining & dining style.


Long Lasting or Nothing

Work towards creating complete-coverage with long lasting base formulas.

Buff the excess away and set with a makeup setting spray after having applied your concealer, blush and lash defining mascara. Keep the look basic for the day and refresh this with some mattifying powder at the end of your work day, amp up the blush, throw in som highlighter and work a lil more mascara into the lashes while using a lash comb to steer away from clumps, finish it off with a deeper lip colour tone. Voila! your night makeup look is ready in 5 minutes just cause you got your morning makeup routine right with long lasting coverage.


Blush a lil more

Blushers tends to get absorbed into the skin over a period of time, especially in the day and through long work hours. To refresh the basic blusher application from your morning makeup routine, carry the same blusher in a carry on makeup pouch or even a deeper shade keeping in mind the night lights and festivities. Apply the blusher outwards and into the hairline just a lil over the cheekbone. Finish this off with an iridescent highlighter and a makeup setting spray. Since blending is key so invest in a good blusher brush.

PKMH Tip: remember the colour of the blush will be deposited most where your brush first touched the face, so incase you like a softer look start outwards from the hairline.


Sheer it on

Go for sheer makeup over a primer on your face and neck. This is hydrating and keeps your face looking fresh all day. It can be applied quickly in thr morning with a #beautyblender creating even coverage.

The biggest plus is it works as the perfect base and a smooth sgurface for your evening makeup add-ons as it doesn’t dry out your skin or look powdery.


Bold is gold

A classic red lip can be your go-to for that va va voom day to evening makeup transformation. Build up on a neutral lip colour with a deep red lip pencil feathering inwards towards the lip opening. This ensures the lip colour last long without transferring on to a glass or any surface. Add on a bold red lipstick to finish this glam look.


Smoke it up

‘Smoke it but soften it’ is something we believe in when it comes to statement eye

makeup. Use a shimmery bronze, gold or platinum in small measures to add that glam to a smokey eye. Blend in your liner into the shadow to create a softer look. Finish the look with tightlining the lashes with lash voluminising mascara.


Theses were simple techniques to get you festive ready in a jiffy without having to re-do your full face makeup. Easy & quick wasn’t it?

With just a few tricks in your makeup kit, you can now glide your way into a Happy Diwali!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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