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Ayurvedic Beauty Brands

PKMH Recommends

India is a land rich in culture, heritage and the best natural remedies available worldwide. While some may look towards chemical based products which are supported by science and its formulas, other may turn towards Ayurveda. Ayurveda is supported by aeons of positive results and the Ayurvedic products available today are formulated keeping Indian remedies in mind.

The basic aim of ayurvedic beauty is to keep the person glowing and healthy. With no side effects to its use, their consumer base is only widening. Ayurveda is all about removing the inside toxins and restoring its cellular nutrition.


PKMH has listed out some brands that provide and help you on your ayurvedic beauty journey:

Forest essentials

Known for specializing in ayurvedic blends they are renowned for using herbal ingredients and natural products, their products are sure to fetch you some long lasting sustainable results. They are all about purity and quality. They introduce you to products which are meant for facial care, body care and hair care. Each good for your soothing and giving you an internal glow.


Kama Ayurveda

A brand that is know to work for all types of skin and hair, they make products after taking into consideration many different aspects. Products which are EU certified and free of artificial colors. They have been serving their customers with great, effective products since 2002.


Khadi Natural

Providing you products which are of ISO and WHO standard approves, this brand covers most of the states in India. They are more focused on giving you products which you can inculcate in everyday uses. With an assurance of its product quality and absence of harmful reactants, one should surely try their handmade and authentic products.


Ohria Ayurveda

Ohria Ayurveda believe not only in outer beauty but also in inner well-being. They bring their products to you to enhance your beauty and celebrate it. They bring you products made of plant botanicals which assure you quality and good health. Not only do they have a vast product range but each of their product is exclusive and absolutely unique.


Biotique Royal

Carrying down the secret of Rajveda which was earlier used for beauty of Indian Royalty. They provide you with an affordable and unique product which consist of precious and luxurious ingredients. They enhance your beauty and make your usage a memorable one.


Ayurvedic products are truly a hidden gem and have over a period of a few decades been rediscovered. Having knowledge of over thousands of years leads us to acknowledge the growth and achievement of Ayurvedic beauty brands.

The brands we’ve listed above make sure that their consumers enjoy the benefit of their chemical free products. While undertaking a no animal testing policy, they provide you with luxurious beauty products.

The west loves Ayurveda, people fly into India from all over the world to experience the richness of these treatments. So let’s look in our own backyard and acknowledge the wealth of these Ayurvedic beauty products and brands.

Time to head back to nature!

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