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Beat the Heat Serums for Summer Hair

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It’s no secret that having detangled hair feels like a bliss! While some may love their hair after shampooing and conditioning, some may not be entirely happy with frizz and dryness it brings along with them. Having smooth shiny hair is still a dream for many girls. While dryness may come naturally for some, people experience damaged hair due to extensive use of heat induced activities like straightening, curling and blow drying.

Increased temperatures during the summers don’t help the hair either. The humidity caused by the summer heat especially in tropical areas makes your hair frizzy.

But that’s where we swoop in with a few products perfect to beat the summer heat. Rest assured, with our #PKMHFave list of hair serums you’ll be adding some gloss & hydration to your hair making it shiny & bouncy all day.


This serum is a one stop solution for dry and frizzy hair. It softens the hair and provides with a natural-looking shine and deep nourishment without the much-disliked greasy look all day.

Price: Rs. 995

If you are someone who just got their hair straightened and is facing extensive dryness, you need to try out this amazing serum by L’Oréal. It’s very important to use the right products when you have chemically treated your hair, and this hair serum is works just right! It smoothness and nourishes your hair to the ends.

Price: Rs.499

This serum works amazing as a regular oil for massage and secondly works as a heat protectant before straightening or any heat activity. Third, it adds shine and protects your hair from frizz. It is suitable for all hair types.

Price: Rs.4400

This serum works perfectly for unmanageable, frizzy and entangled hair, giving you a smooth, shiny look. It comes with the goodness of avocado and strengthens your hair from the roots.

Price: Rs.255

This serum has already proven to do wonders to people’s hair. It seals smoothness to your hair strands and repairs the damaged ends. It works perfectly for chemical treated hair.

Price: Rs.198

This hair serum is filled with the goodness of jojoba and almond oil that leaves your hair smooth and lustrous adding a beautiful bounce to them. Moreover it reduces hair fall and provides nourishment and protection from UV Rays and reduces the chances of split ends all along.

Price: Rs.174

This serum is high in demand and it not only controls frizz but also helps in the heat induced activities like straightening, curling and blow drying. It is suitable for all hair types so it makes it worth the buy.

Price: Rs.738

This serum will elevate your hair care regime and will help in repairing split ends and seal them. It can be used on wet as well as dry hair. It controls the frizz up to 8 hours.

Price: Rs.299

If you are someone with extremely dry hair and need extra potions, the Habibs Hair serum will work perfectly for you. It helps in controlling your split ends and provides with your hair with nourishment.

Price: Rs. 275

This magical serum smoothens dry and frizzy hair with its weightless, non greasy formula. The serum consists of a combination of silicon agents and glycerine that helps in managing frizzy hair and adds a smooth silk-like touch. It makes the hair more glossy and gives a healthier texture.

Price Rs. 855


This was all about the various ways of taming your unruly hair this summer amidst all the humidity. Now it’s your time to say goodbye to the coarse, flyaway strands and frizziness, that usually go along with every summer season. Go and rock this summer season with bouncy and lustrous hair.

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