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PKMH Trend Recommendations

Let's take a closer look at the underlying beauty themes predicted to trend in 2022, from how we'll express ourselves via goods to how far the industry has progressed in terms of sustainability and inclusivity.


Here we go:

1. Fermented Beauty

Fermented substances can improve active ingredient absorption and possibly raise antioxidant levels in the skin. According to a recent analysis from WGSN, these attributes make these materials a clear winner for beauty in 2022 and beyond.

According to the survey, the Korean and Japanese markets are leading the trend, which relies on naturally existing bacteria to extend product shelf life. It's also environmentally friendly.

2. Waterless Washing

Waterless beauty has been one of the industry's hottest innovation categories, fueled by a need for more sustainable and shelf-stable products.

This trend is expected to blend with hygiene for waterless washing solutions in the near future. Those without access to clean water, as well as those seeking greener products, may find this intriguing.

3. High Puff Hairstyles

The rise of high-puff hairstyles is being driven by a desire of natural textures, according to Pinterest's 2022 beauty trend roundup.

Between October 2019 and September 2021, searches for high puff hairstyles increased by a whopping 165 percent. During the same time period, searches for "space buns natural hair hairstyles" increased by 100%, while searches for "two puffs natural hair hairstyles" increased by 66%.

Short natural hair styles searches climbed by 185 percent, while searches for "natural hair bun styles" increased by 160 percent.

4. Nail Scapes

According to Pinterest, another trend in the previous two years has been the increase of individualist interpretations of beauty.

Pinterest forecasts that in 2022, people would use "landscape-style patterns on their fingers." Millennials are particularly fond of related search phrases.

Between October 2019 and September 2021, searches for "galaxy nail art" on Pinterest increased by 115 percent. The number of people looking for "Aurora nails" has increased by 400%.

At the same period, searches for "ocean nails acrylic," "desert nails," and "geode nail art" grew by 500 percent, 105 percent, and 200 percent, respectively.

5. Male Marketed Beauty

It's shaping up to be a big year for grooming and non-binary beauty experimentation. We've started to observe a more progressive shift of masculine standards in recent years. More from the guys are expected in the next year, following in the footsteps of Harry Styles, who just debuted Pleasing, Machine Gun Kelly, and Lil Yachty, who have all launched their own beauty lines.

6. Hair Art

This appears to be another trend that will continue into 2022, after the current comeback of nail art. Expect to see more personalized initial nail art and the much-anticipated hair art. Shaved head designs will take off as a result. Octopus hair, mullets, and bob cut wigs are among the "hard-to-miss hair" types that many customers will seek for. According to Pinterest, Gen Z is the driving force behind this movement.

7. Beauty retailers are able to reach new consumers thanks to digital offers

The customer of a salon or spa does not have to be restricted to a certain place. Beauty professionals are experimenting with videos and livestreams to display their services, offer beauty lessons, advertise products, and communicate with their audiences in innovative ways to engage with audiences from afar.

8. Contactless payments will be an integral part of the salon experience

Clients want to go back to their regularly scheduled haircuts, makeup treatments, and other beauty services as soon as possible, which is why payment options are top of mind for company owners who want to make the experience as soothing and simple as possible. According to studies, 25% of customers want beauty services to provide contactless payment choices in order to continue to promote health and safety.

9. Saturated Hair Color

Color trends in 2022 are a bit all over the place, thanks to salon closures, months-long waits for appointments, and at-home hair dye disasters that left people either wanting the most low-maintenance colour options or in the mood to go wild and drastically change their hair—meaning colour trends in 2022 are a bit all over the place. Reverse balayage is the ideal technique to cut down on salon appointments while still keeping colour appearing fresh for individuals who want to keep it natural. The method, which includes painting darker roots that progressively blend into lighter mid-lengths and ends, is ideal for blondes wishing to transition to brunette or just add depth to their look.

10. Hormones And Your Skin

Wrinkles have long dominated the skincare debate, but in 2022, another issue will begin to take centre stage: hormones. Or, to be more precise, the effects of oestrogen on the skin. Many companies are starting to investigate how oestrogen deficiency during menopause might present as skin ageing.

To fight this, several manufacturers are looking at phytoestrogens, which are plant-derived substances with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that come from sources like soy, flax, and grapes.


Each year brings about a set of beauty trends. These were some that will rule the beauty arena for the year 2022 and the ones we at #pkmhrecommend

Try the beauty trend that works for you and create your signature style for the #newyear

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