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PKMH Look Recommendations

Hairstyles for an interview can be quite tricky as you are expected to carry yourself in the most professional manner. No matter the length of your hair there’s always a professional or formal updo you can carry.


Here is a list of 10 #PKMHLookRecommends hairstyles that are professional yet trendy for your important day. A little extra touch to bag your dream job.


There’s nothing more appropriate for an interview than a bun. It makes your entire look clean and professional, apt for both corporate and professional interviews. It looks best when placed on the crown of the head. This looks stunning on most of the faces ang gives tidy and professional approach. This hairstyle is most suited with pantsuits.


A sleek and tidy ponytail and you're all ready for any professional interview. This simple and easy hairstyle makes you look all sleek and professional in just two to five minutes. To get this look tie a tight ponytail as tight as possible and place the ponytail below the crown. Use hairspray to get rid of flyaways and tie it with a simple band tie. Do not use any flashy hair tie. This hairstyle worn with any outfit be it skirts, dresses and even with a pantsuit gives a whole new approach to your look.


This hairstyle is for all my curly hair beauties. It makes you look sleek and professional, elegant and goes well with straight hair too. The bun should be kept low somewhere close to the nape of the neck. It looks more beautiful with braided hair. Avoid any hair accessories to make the look formal. To suit this look, go for natural makeup and you are all ready to rock your interview.


This bun looks super chic, tidy, keeps any unwanted hair away from your face and is very low maintenance. This hairstyle is really easy to achieve and gives a sophisticated and formal look. To achieve this look, get a mesh donut, wrap your hair around it cleanly with the help of pins and use a hairspray to tame any flyaways.


This hairstyle is more ideal for short hair or a long bob. These waves give you an effortless and natural look. It is super quick and adds body and style, without looking overdone. Goes well with most of the formal outfits and elevates your whole look.


Pixie cut is a bold and really professional hairstyle. It feels like this hairstyle was invented for successful job interviews. It is appropriate for a professional setting. It brings out your professional approach really well and is easy to maintain. This hairstyle is perfect for your professional day. This hairstyle is really going to let you outshine others.


This hairstyle is most suited for women with mid-length hair but do not worry if you have long hair because all you need is some hairspray and you are all good to go. Tame your flyaways with hairspray and keep them tucked behind your easy so that it looks tidy and proper. This hairstyle makes your look tidy and simple and is super quick and super easy to achieve.


French braids are a beautiful hairstyle that gives you a sophisticated and clean look and looks best when worn with a bun. It is suitable for almost all hairstyles and looks very charming and professional at the same time. It goes well with almost all hairstyles. Try to avoid any hair accessories.


Most suitable for all my curly hair beauties out there. To get this hairstyle part all your hair in the middle and twist both the sections and wrap them around to form a bun. This hairstyle gives you a really tidy and professional look and keeps any unwanted hair away from your face. Curly hair looks very good with this hairstyle. Spray some hairspray to give some shine to your and you are ready to rock the interview.


This hairstyle is most popular for mid-length hair. It is really easy to carry and goes with almost every formal outfit. If you have wavy hairs this should be your go as it suits wavy hairs the most. To get this hairstyle you need to do a side parting of your hair, pull up one side of your hair, and pin it with the help of a simple hairpin. Avoid any flash hairclips. This hairstyle goes well with all formal attires and keeps your hair away from your face so that you can concentrate on your interview.


Try out these beautiful and professional hairstyles and ace your important day without any problems. Remember though it’s not your look that gets you a job, it does help portray a cared for, professional vibe.

Ready? hair done? …Let’s get to work!

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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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