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Looks & Steps Made Easy

The amount of cultural events we get to embrace from the start of the year is the greatest thing about coming from India! Our life revolves around these fantastic special seasons that offer us the opportunity to enjoy with our family members, from Holi and Diwali to Christmas to Eid and many more. To appear our best we tend to focus on every aspect of beauty. Considering that, we've collected some of the finest festive hairstyles that one can simply do to be the centre of attraction this Diwali festival.



Donning a saree or conventional Diwali Indian attire? Wear your hairstyle in a stylish, low bun till the nape of the neck. Drape blossom flowers around it to make it appear more attractive & festive. This can be the ideal hairstyle for the Lakshmi puja day.

How-to: Use a ceramic round brush and blow dry the hair straight,

add some anti-frizz gel to your tresses before to keep the flyaway hairs in check. Create a neat centre or side parting with a tail comb.

Grab all of your pulled back hair into a tight ponytail, and then twist it into a small bun. Fasten then gajra around the bun with hair pins.



Image Source: Pinterest

Messy Buns, is what we call ‘order in chaos bun’ looks lovely when worked high and fastened with pearl hair accessories.

How-to: Tie your hair back in a relaxed ponytail. And put it low or high, comb through with your fingers to maintain that messy look. Twist the locks into a top knot. Tighten it with rubber band and hair pins. A day old unwashed hair works best for this look as coarse hair is the perfect base for a messy bun. If you have washed and dried your hair, add a little dry shampoo to the lengths and ends even the root to get texture and volume for the final look.



Image Source: Pinterest

The fishtail braid hairstyle is a celebrity and fashionista favourite. It’s chic and functional and a perfect style for Diwali.

Add on a few fresh flowers between the braids and you’re Diwali ready.

How To:



Image Source: Vogue India

This is Diwali’s stunning festive hairdo. And the greatest thing is that making it is amazingly-simple. Take a lead from fashionistas and pose like the classic diva you are.

How to: Make a center parting to create this look.

Make a ponytail at the bald of your neck and braid it till the end. Take a long string of roses. Loop one side around the string and lock it with hair clips at the start of the flower braid, swivel this flower string around the braid. Fasten with hair pins at intervals. Combine this style with an elegant maang tika and heavy ethnic jewels.


Have you picked your Diwali style yet? Well, whilst bringing together an ensemble, note that when combined with the correct and well accessorised festive hairstyles, it will have the maximum effect.


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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