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Choose The Right Nail Buffer

PKMH Product Recommendations

Shiny and beautiful nails are something we all love. Trust us when we say that a beautiful set of nails can make anyone go wow and above all this, it says a lot about the health of your nails too. Whenever nailcare comes to our mind the only thing that we think of is the high maintenance needed. But we are here to break this very notion. If your nail damage is not too serious or if you are looking for ways to take care of them easily, you can choose from nail buffers.

Now the main question is what are nail buffers and what does it do?

Nail buffing is an act of polishing the nail using nail buffers of fine grit so that your nails look healthy, clean, consistent, and shiny. It also has a paste that fills the ridges on nail surfaces.


So here are 10 nail buffers available in the market, which we at #PKMHRecommend:

This is a multipurpose nail buffer that has a pusher that delicately pushes the cuticle, a file that smoothly exfoliates the nails, a buffer that buffs the surface of the nail, and a polisher that helps you get the natural shine. It maintains shine for up to 20 days with just one single-use.

Price: 499 INR

This is an amazing kit which helps you groom your nails and has amazing visible effects. This buffer has antibacterial properties and it also cleanses and lightens and detoxifies the skin. It also improves your blood circulation. Softens and nourishes the cuticle and also moisturises your skin.

Price: 499 INR

This buffer is designed for natural nails. It gently removes length leaving edges smooth and has gentle, fine 240 grit. It also has a cushion core which allows for faster and more filling efficient motion.

Price: 399 INR

This buffer smoothens, buffs and shapes your nails in four easy steps. it also helps you contour and shape your nails and make them smooth by removing stains. people who have used this product have had only good things to say about it. And we all would jointly agree to what colour bar has to offer as a brand.

Price:175 INR.

This nail buffer shapes buffs and smoothens your nail and polishes them to perfection. it has four dimensions and each buffing block comes in certain order it makes your nails smooth and improves your blood circulation and helps them grow faster. customers who have used this product swear by its performance.

Price:225 INR

This is a professional nail buffer set and works for buffing almost all types of nails be it acrylic natural nails or any other type. it has an excellent nail filling tool and works great for home manicure and salon customers who have used this product have given really given some really great reviews about it.

Price: 750 INR

This is a four-action buffer which has exceptional results and comes with four different surfaces all rolled into one. it is small and compact and easy to carry. This buffer helps you keep your nails and cuticles clean at all times.

Price:110 INR

It buffs the nails in four steps and is suitable for almost all nail types. it not only files shape and buffs the nails but also gives them a beautiful shine it is made of a durable material and is best suitable for manicure and pedicure. Customers who have used this product have really effective reviews about it.

Price: 230 INR

It is a perfect pedicure buffer made for children and women who have weak and delicate nails. It not only cleanses your nails but also shapes them perfectly. It helps you prevent cuticle cracks and gives you polished look in minutes. Gary Statz is a popular brand and is pretty popular in the professional salons in India because it works for almost all types of nails and is easy to use.

Price: 175 INR

It is a great buffer block which works for almost all types of nails be it powder dipped nails, or any other. it has an ultra-light weight formula and is super easy to use. it is suitable for both professional and home usage. it stays for a long time and offers effective buffing and grinding. Customers have said this product has great effects and is very easy to use.


Try one of the above nail buffers best suited for your nail woes. The result is what matters most.

Heres to gleaming, glossy and healthy nails!!!

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