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When did you last search to check if your make-up products were cruelty-free?

Free-range eggs or fair-trade fruit are simple to trace, but this traceability can be difficult for your beauty products.

There are companies, including the Body Shop or Lush, who advertise themselves to be free of cruelty; therefore we know their brand policy is especially ethical, but yes some don’t.

So to make it simpler for you we’ve assembled a selection of the top make-up companies that believe in preserving our ecological balance and are cruelty free.



If you're one of the make-up addicts, without you ever recognising that it's a cruelty-free label, you may already have some NYX items sitting across in your closet. This is a label based in the USA that has a plethora of makeup products under its brand. Their makeup range has been a cult classics for years, a perfect brand if you'd wish to enter the PETA-approved group.



Another major make-up brand in India including an offline footprint is Colorbar. They don't possess ranges as large as the label we described above, #TBH, but if you like experimenting with affordable basics, you'll discover anything you want here. They have made a revolution in the beauty world with their black liner and Kiss Evidence Lip Stain, so they are a worthy buy.



As a product line, Lush Cosmetics are among one of the biggest proponents of staying cruelty-free, their makeup, and bath items are a storm in the beauty sector as they have some product for every form and skin type. Yeah, their goods are somewhat pricey, but hey, they're doing as they say, so in the end, it's all valuable. FYI, we're dreaming about how LUSH-ious their body creams and soap bars are as we write this.



Did you know about one of these affordable Indian company that respects animals and has a fabulous product range? Bon Organics seems to have a variety of products that can, in the long run, restore your beauty while being organic and healthy for your skin. A few products worth snatching, include their lip smudges (strawberry, rose), eyeshadows, and lipsticks in makeup.



For multiple causes, we value Ruby's Organics since all of their items are made with substances that you can use to restore your beauty balance from body-enriching creams and remedies to healing the harmful effects of purely chemical based cosmetics.  So, on the brand 's notion of excellent-for-your-skin beauty items, we're absolutely sold. They have a small variety of cosmetics to suit Indian skin tones, consisting of lipsticks, palettes, and eye shadows.


Some cruelty-free beauty & makeup brands recognised by PETA.Org:

As humans we have the luxury of possessing a conscience. And it is up to us to be the voice of the voiceless and to preserve all life in order to coexist. The hope moving forward is that several labels have been conscious of this barbaric process and have begun to bring an end to it. These were the 5 great brands of makeup products that are a part of cruelty-free and yet worth a fortune.

All lives matter...!!


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