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Easter Nail Art Ideas

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It’s time to paint your nails in colors that represent Easter and wearing new clothes with designs or patterns not normally worn during year-round fashion. Additionally, you could also be trying out a new technique such as glittering or drawing with gel polish which makes it more interesting for yourself to do over and over again!

There are several reasons why people like to do nail art during the easter festival. One reason is that it's a fun and unique way to express themselves while they enjoy Easter festivities with family or friends.

Another reason would be because of how intricate and beautiful looking these designs can be, especially when done by someone skilled at painting nails!


Some of the Nail Art Ideas for Easter 2022 may include:

1. Pastel Bunny Nails:

The beauty of pastel colors and the artistry in a beautifully decorated cake, these are two things that can not go without each other. It is a colorful masterpiece that makes any woman feel good about herself. It can be done in three different colors: pink, purple, and white. The color combination of these hues is both cheerful and elegant on the nail plate as well as looking beautiful from afar with bright eye-catching looks to all around you.

2. Use glitter:

To make the eggs look like they are coming out of flowers or around an Easter basket! Draw a cute little egg with some color and then use it as your main design element. Glitter is always fun and it can add an extra spark of color when added to any nail design.

3. Wearing ombre nails-

Try adding pastel colors on top of each other for a springtime look. It's an easy way to give your holiday manicure some extra flair without sacrificing time or effort. Ombres are perfect additions this Easter because they make the simple look fancy, adding a bit of color and personality in lieu of more elaborate designs that might over complicate things on your hands.

4. Stripes:

Paint one white stripe starting at the base of your thumb going across to the middle finger with light blue polish then repeat but switch colors halfway down so now you are painting light blue stripes instead.

5. Gold stars on white nails to represent the Redeemer:

Gold stars are a common symbol of hope, and oftentimes signify new beginnings. If you want something that is both festive and joyful for your Easter table then this simple nail art design will work perfectly!

6. Classic cross:

This design can be a few different colors, some people prefer to use white and gold with red accents while others stick with basic black. Easter isn't just about eggs though so you might find other designs that are more appropriate for your event like butterflies or bunny ears!

7. Speckled Easter Egg with Pastels:

The pastel nail art design is a unique and cool way to incorporate color into your nails for the holiday. With this Easter egg, you get a speckled effect that ranges from light yellow to dark brown on one side of the nail while all white with just one tiny spot of orange around it on another side. The result is an eye-catching manicure that will stand out in any crowd!

8. Rainbow Nails:

Rainbow nails are a fun twist on the traditional Easter nail art. The style makes an appearance thanks too its unique pastel color palette within our favorite spring time colors: This manicure will make your hands pop with its calming hues that contrasts well when paired with any bright shades.

9. Bright Easter Floral Nails:

Bright Easter Floral Nails are a great way to celebrate the holiday. These nails are festive and vibrant, so you can avoid having boring Easter nails on your hands this year! Have fun with these bright colored nail designs that will make any day brighter than it already is. They make for an attractive nail art design for Easter, or any other big occasion that would require glamorous nail designs. Bright reds, pinks, purples and yellows create the perfect accent on your nails this time of year!

10. Spring Easter egg Nails:

Easter is about springtime, eggs and decorations. So your easter nails are the perfect way to welcome this time of year in style! Using a base nail polish, paint your nails yellow, and other pastel hues .Add white polka dots to show a gorgeous Easter egg style.


Easter nail art is a fun and creative way to celebrate the Easter holiday. It can be as simple or extravagant as you want depending on what materials you have available and how much time you feel like spending getting it done.

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