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Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

We believe that adding eyeliner to a look adds life to the face as well, how stark or light one goes is ofcourse their choice. Glamorous or playful, it contributes to much of our appearance.

The easiest way to add extra depth to your face and eyes is by adding a fashionable eyeliner style. Donning the right eyeliner can offer us a semblance of confidence and with or without adding any eye shadow or any other eye makeup; your eyes look brighter.

We’ve listed out a few eyeliner styles we love...go read, look and practice!



Generally, this style is for wide eyes but we always say there’s no harm in experimenting what works for you. Cat-eye form eyeliner is never out of style. On possibly each and every eye type, it appears flattering whilst offering the eyes a sleek, sultry and legendary look. To attain the feeling, you can utilize liquid eyeliner or even gel eyeliner.



This style works for all eye shapes. It is part of a classic fashion theme and hence has a versatility to it. The actors of bygone eras used to add it to their public appearances all the time.

For a retro-looking style, draw a vintage-winged type eyeliner style by outlining the wing at a lower angle and outlining it with certain coordinating eye shadow.



This one is intended for all eye shapes, too. Sport this style with the of use different glittery shades. For this style, you need to use a neutral hued pencil and a colourful liner.



This can be used as filler for ladies who are endowed with wide eyelids. In one box, this type of eyeliner form has the right combination of crispness and smokiness. For both the upper along with lower lids, add smouldering shades of black or even brown shadow. Cover the upper lids with a thicker line of liquid shaded eyeliner to further intensify the look. To offer it a self-smudged appearance, mix the eyeshadow at the very ends. The softened eyeliner lends a graceful statement to the wearer.



Consider a double-winged eyeliner by applying eyeliner on both sides including the upper as well as lower eyelids for a glam dramatic theme.  On the upper lid, build a curved wing whilst you draw a flat wing on the lower lid. This eyeliner is unusual but can be worn as a stark statement complimenting the tight outfit and occasion.


The most critical trick is to understand, which type of eyeliner matches your own distinctive facial characteristics without following blindly following trends and the crowd.

Create your own eyeliner style we say. Mix, match & own it!


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Note: The looks mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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