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Think of your face as blank canvas used for painting! If the canvas is unevenly textured, the painting might not flourish as it was intended to. Now the face primer acts like paint primer -it smoothens the facial canvas and makes it easier for makeup to glide over.


What is a Face Primer?

Makeup primers are used to create a smooth base for makeup to set evenly and to keep the products in place throughout the day. It’s usually applied before starting the makeup process to make your application easier.


This amazing face primer is getting really popular among the millennials. The primer events out your skin tone and gives a smooth base, minimising the pores. It blends perfectly and stays on for a long time.

Price: Rs.499

This versatile primer works for all purposes like a primer for blush and even eye shadows. Due to its affordable range everyone can go for this without a second thought. it's non greasy and non oily texture suits perfectly for all the skin types.

Price: Rs.205

This nourishing primer smoothens the pores end hydrate your skin all over. It comes in a silky formula that letsthe makeup glide over the skin for creating a flawless makeup result.The range can be on a higher end but its non-greasy formula gives you a natural look which is worth the price.

Price: Rs.970

Elevate your makeup game with this long lasting face primer that consists of the finest ingredients. This product evens out your skin and reduces the fine lines to the minimum. Due to its affordable range, everyone can go for this.

Price: Rs.240

This amazing primer is perfect for those with sensitive skin due to its gentle texture. Moreover, it aims at keeping your skin glowing and healthy throughout. Due to its weightless and oil-free formula, it doesn’t feel like wearing any product at all.

Price: Rs.626

This high end primer is so easily blended when applied it gives a smooth makeup finish. Since it’s paraben-free, it’s perfectly safe to use on the skin with no side effects at all.

Price: Rs.808

This popular face primer minimises the pores and creates a smooth canvas for makeup. It’s perfect for all the skin types-Sensitive, Oily, Normal, Dry and Combination.

Price: Rs.549

This primer comes in a velvety formula that gives you a flawless matte look and makes it easy for your makeup to set. It minimises the pores and hides the blackheads before makeup.

Price: Rs.899


These are some of the noteworthy face primers perfect to adequately smoothen your skin before the makeup.

Even out your skin to build on it better!

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