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The go-to locks for the season!

The top trending hairstyles of last year were as versatile as they were trendy. Last year was about subtle looks with a focus on natural shape and hair wellness (which we love), from low braids to central pieces to Carrie Bradshaw hair. We saw an interplay between warm and cool-toned tones as far as hair colour was concerned.

Ice diamond versions, golden honey tones were trending, alongside the cool blonde highlights & fiery reds in the spotlight. It was a year with contrasting hair colour trends.

In 2020, where does that lead us (and our locks)? To check out the 5 best hair patterns of the year ahead, keep reading.



Fall and winter is for bangs. It’s a haircut ‘bang-on-trend’ (yes- pun intended) like side-styles & thicker sliced bangs.

The most famous bangs this fall is inspired by Brigitte Bardot with a thin cropped, wispy fringe that does not overpower any face form yet blends into the jawline creating dimension.



Summer is likely to have seen a spike in aged-out bobs or lobs, but my guess is that autumn is likely to be all about the sleek, blunt bob that reaches the jawline.

Generally speaking, shorter forms will take centre stage for precision cutting. We can see angular and elongated bobs as well as one-section blunt bobs, which have face-framing section for rounder face forms.



An improved version of the 70s shag haircut is the best predictor for autumn, this hairstyle fits on long hair and short styles alike giving it a flexible trim for the season.

The multi-layered haircut is chic and not only seems sexy, but it is quite easy to manage. A combination of a feathered cut across the face and loads of loose curls adds structure.

PKMH Recommends:

You can use a salt spray to add structure to keep the trend looking perfect day-to-day.



The collarbone cut is the perfect look for someone who like to maintain their hair length. It’s timeless and face framing for any face shape. Easiness is the secret to this cut. If you need more volume and on a couple of layers.

This is a vintage take on the sharper bob, without compromising the overall feel. This hairstyle is safe style for those who aren't yet ready to go jaw-length.



The perfect easy to handle cut that anyone would call for in the fall will be big and dense pixie cuts. 

Take the plunge and aim for a classic ‘Mia Farrow’. Leave it sleek with choppy ends to add length.


It may be that summers are already over, but that doesn't imply that the excitement has ended too. With fall coming in, experimenting with new haircuts at different lengths could just be what you need.

Even, if you've arranged your hair salon session already, or know what you like and are cutting your lovely locks yourself, these are the top trending hair styles inspirational for this Fall.


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