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Favourite Winter Perfumes and Colognes

PKMH Product Recommendations

For all the women and men out there, if you are fond of perfumes, you will agree that changing your fragrance with the season is a good idea. You want fruit and flowery tones in the spring and summer, and something warm and musky in the fall and winter.

What better time than now, when winter is here and so is Christmas? And since you’ll will be getting holiday ready, you'll not only want to look the part but you'll also like to smell the part. And who knows it could even offer you some thoughtful #holidaygifting ideas…


Price 6300 INR

Nothing exactly greets the new season like YSL Black Opium, a warm and rich autumn winter scent. It's a passionate smell that perfectly mixes black coffee and Vanilla to produce a sweet yet incredibly seductive fragrance that's bursting with passion and energy.

Price: 9175 INR

Decadence is an enticing, velvety, and woody perfume that emanates sexuality and refinement, unlike Marc Jacobs Daisy's flowery overtones. If the bottle alone isn't enough to win you over, maybe the powerful, intriguing notes of luscious Italian plum, vetiver, and warm papyrus woods will.

Price: 8500 INR for 50 ml

Velvet Orchid from the Tom Ford Signature line is a great way to warm up during winter. This flowery and oriental scent screams luxury. To warm the senses, mandarin orange is combined with honey, bergamot, and rum. Sweet and flowery notes follow. With a few spritzes here and there, you'll be the most fragrant female in the room in no time.

Price: 10,300 INR for 100 ml

Huda Kattan, the world's most famous beauty tycoon, has teamed up with her sister Mona to develop the ultimate fragrance. It's a dreamy, velvety-smooth scent with notes of tonka bean, Madagascan vanilla, jasmine, musk, and amber that's perfect for the winter season.

Price: 9400 INR

Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone is the epitome of a wintry scent. This smell mixes notes of pomegranate with red fruit juices, incorporates the spice of Casablanca flower, and conjures the smoky aroma of guaiac wood.

Price: 6200 INR

Since 1995, Burberry for Men has seduced brains and noses with its warm, woody scent. Lighter ingredients like jasmine, lavender, and mint complement the darker notes of sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. It's ideal for the coldest days of the year.

Price: 6350 INR

On this iconic winter cologne, Michael Kors creates great distinctiveness by effectively blending citrus and patchouli fragrances. Top notes of bergamot transition to an incense core, while a musky base exudes masculine appeal. Simply looking at the seductive honeyed colour will send thrills down your spine.

Price: 7400 INR for 60 ml

Christian Dior's Sauvage, inspired by the pure blue sky and rugged mountains, will undoubtedly serve you well in the winter, but the versatile scent works well in any season. The raw aromas of bergamot and pepper give it a fresh feel, while a gentle woody base adds some aromatic heat.

Price: 6300 INR for 50 ml

Gucci Guilty Absolute is sultry, sultry, sultry. It's also long-lasting and ideal for the colder months. Exotic, woody tones support a leather harmony, while vetiver adds a grassy undertone.

Price: 5350 INR for 75 ml

One of the most popular and greatest winter colognes money can buy is hidden behind the sleekest of bottles. Armani Code is described as a spicy, oriental scent with notes of citrus, wood, leather, and tobacco. May it grant you all of your wishes during the winter, as it has for so many others before you.


On the hunt for some great fragrances and colognes? Use this #pkmhrecommends list as your guide this holiday season & let your scent be the centre of every party!

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