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PKMH Grooming Tips

Makeovers and grooming are not just limited to women when stepping out this festive season. So for all the men out there, wearing your best outfit is not just enough, accompanying it with glowing skin, an amazing cologne and many other grooming tips is something that is going to rock your look this festive season.

Now if you are wondering what you can do to ensure that you not only have the perfect outfit for this festive season but also look perfect, this article is for you!

Proper grooming not only makes you look presentable but makes you realise how important it is to have some self-care from time to time. Just slapping on all the bath products on your skin during and after the shower won't do you any good but following an easy skincare routine will surely do wonders for you. Good skincare not only promotes healthy skin but also helps you feel the difference. Haircare and taking care of yourself often seem stereotyped only for women but these are equally important for men too.


Here are some grooming tips, to your rescue. Discover all your basics from skincare to haircare to your cologne and many more such festive grooming hacks. And the best part about them is they are easy and handy!

1. Groom your facial hair in your desired style for a clean and nice look. A good trim can actually be a game-changer when it comes to grooming for men. Opt for a good trimmer that has you trim without any hassle.

2. It is important to have styling products that will help you keep your hair at its place and styling intact during festivities. Moving around, dancing, and socializing can do a lot of damage so these products help in keeping them in the position.

3. We know how much men love their hair and how much they hate cutting it. But a nice haircut from time to time won't hurt you as it not only makes you look tidy and clean but it does wonders for your looks. Nobody likes shabby hair and it makes you look tired. So to bring out your fun side this festive season, go for a haircut and try something new as it is the best part to experiment with a new haircut.

4. Beard oil can do wonders when it comes to taming a beard. Try to look for products that nourish your beard from within. Look for products that not only nourish your beard but which also adds manageability and shine to them as this will promote healthy growth and make them look healthy.

5. Mustaches have made an amazing comeback in the festive season. In the festive season when there's a lot of work and a lot of parties and Diwali Nights to attend we often mess up the styling of our mustaches. Therefore to keep it nourished and make it stay at its place use a medium hold wax as it will keep your mustache in its position for a long time.

6. Trimming is super essential to keep your facial hair in check. It not only helps you style to your hair therefore it is important to go for products that can actually keep them intact. You can go for a hair wax if you have thick hair as it will help you to hold your hair for a really long time but if you are someone who has fine thin hair sprays will do the work for you. It will help to hold your hair for a certain period and give them certain smoothness and shine.

7. Summers are gone and it's high time you should give up on your fruity scents and Body deodorants. Go for a good quality signature perfume as you really need to smell good in the zealous celebrations. Try to go for non-greasy formulas and do not shy away from investing in a good perfume because a person who smells great appears the best too.

8. Men have pretty harsh skin in comparison to women. They have large pores which accumulate a lot of dust and oil in them leading to acne and breakouts. Therefore cleansing your skin is super important as it cleans your skin and provides them with proper moisturization. Go for cleansers that are mild and cruelty-free. Go for a moisturizing cleanser as it not only cleans the face but also provides the moisturization it needs making it healthy.

9. The sexist fallacy that only women need good moisturization for their body and skin is long gone now. Having a moisturized body and skin should be a basic part of everyone's routine. Go for non-greasy formulas in both moisturizing creams and lotions as they do not clog your pores, improve the elasticity of the skin, and do not make you sweaty in all the work of the festivals.

10. The one thing that men often ignore is hand and foot care. This is one of the things which most people are ignorant about but plays a very vital role when it comes to grooming. Always keep your hands clean and moisturized, apply a good SPF over them, and do not keep them exposed to the sun for a really long time. Keep your nails clean and trim them from time to time.

11. Now talking about foot care. If I ask 10 men about foot care I can assure you that 9 out of 10 won't even care about it. But it is really important when it comes to grooming. Always keep your feet hydrated, clean the area between your toes, cut your toenails, and use body and foot powder to make them smell nice.


These are some important grooming tips for all our men out there so that you look amazing this festive season.

Time to get vroom, vroom, grooming!


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin/ undereye problems, reach out to us on email.

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