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Many of us have been a fan of Instagram worthy gel nails at least once in our life. But ever since the pandemic has struck us in such a way, it’s almost impossible to step out to get these stylish babies on our nails! But, who says you have to step out at all? We’ve got you some amazing gel nail professional kits, which will help you get the exact aesthetic nails you’ve been wanting to have! And if you’re a nail pro, it couldn’t be a better time to invest in one of these for your nail bar.

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1. Store2508 Acrylic Gel Poly Nail Gel Nail Extension Set

This amazing set comes with all the necessary tools along with UV Led Nail Lamp for Acrylic Gel nail extensions, to give the salon experience at home with ease. All you need is a simple tutorial on YouTube before trying this out!

Price: ₹3299

2. Store2508 Acrylic Gel Poly Nail Gel Nail Extension Set

This amazing kit comes with all the required tools you need to get flawless and aesthetic nails sitting right at your home. Oh and don't forget to Get UV nail lamp for curing.

Price: ₹2199

3. Polygel tube with application kit

This fantastic kit comes with the necessary tools for getting the gel nail extensions along with 100 moulds and dual ended brush along with a spatula to help you in getting the kind of nails you want without much ado.

Price: ₹1299

4. Pinpai Glitter Acrylic Gel Poly Nail Gel Nail Extension Set

If you are someone who loves to have it funky when it comes to your nails then this kit is exactly what you need. This polygel nail extension kit comes in the glitter form and is going to give your nails an amazing makeover.

Price: ₹2499

5. Kapmore Nail Art Kit

If you are looking for something affordable yet stylish to give your nails that Instagram worthy makeover, then this kit should be in your bag. it consists of all the necessary tools along with a stencil to get the perfect Poly gel nail extensions.

Price: ₹1495


If you believe in quality over anything then this is what you need to have the perfect nail of your dreams. Oh and the cherry on the cake is the UV nail lamp that comes along with it.

Price: ₹2600

7. Makartt P-01 Poly Gel Kit PolyGel Nail Enhancement Professional Nail Technician All-in-One French Kit

If you are thinking of setting up your own nail extensions salon and are looking for investing in high quality nail extension gel kits then grab your hands on this amazing all in one French kit today.

Price: ₹7681

8. UR SUGAR 4 Pieces with Tool Poly Quick Gel Nail Enhancement Builder Gel Nail Extension Professional Technician French Trial Kit

This high end product Comes with everything you need to get your perfect glossy nails right at your home. Since it’s more flexible than acrylic and stronger than usual uv gel, it makes it even better for the nail art lovers.

Price: ₹5171

9. Kaigeli Professional Poly Nail Gel Kit, Builder UV Gel Extension Set

If you’re a professional nail expert then grab your hands on this amazing all in one nail extension kit right away. With its amazing gel quality it stays for 15-20 days easily.

Price: ₹9850

10. Mobray 3pcs/kit Poly Nail Gel Set LED Clear UV Gel Varnish Nail Polish Art Kit Quick Building For Nails Extensions Poly Hard Gel Nail Kit

This amazing kit helps you in getting beautiful nail extensions with the kind of nail arts you want without having to spend any time at salon. It’s perfect for the beginners as well!

Price: ₹3695


These were some of the best Poly Gel Nail Extension kits you can grab your hands on to get the flawless aesthetic extensions at home if you’re up to it or for your salon if your a nail pro.

Time to nail it!


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