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PKMH Wedding Guide

During the pre-wedding prep, a bride and groom make sure that they look and feel absolutely perfect for their big day. While the brides-to-be go to great lengths to acquire that ethereal beauty, the groom also prepares to look his dashing best. To get that wedding appearance, there's a lot more to it than just wearing lavish outfits and sparkling accessories.

The occasion necessitates that you stand out from the throng; after all, it is your wedding! That is only possible if the man appears dapper and devoid of the customary pre-wedding anxieties and planning frenzy. Don't worry guys we are just to help you out in getting the perfect wedding pictures without going all crazy. Here are some of our tips that will help you enhance your look for your special day.



1. The haircut that gets the job done

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Try to visit your trusted barber at least before the wedding for a preferred haircut. A week will be enough for you to adjust and to add your individuality to your haircut. Communicate well with your hairdresser and the most important point: Do not try to experiment right before the wedding because it is pretty evident how barbers screw up important days.

2. A professional shave to save the day

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Go for a nice shaving root team at your favourite salon. Try new shaving methods like hot daal shave which helps you in software in your skin and also adds in the aeration of close pores. Visit the barbershop of your choosing to obtain the closest shave or trim as desired. Don't forget to cut the nasal hair as well.

3. Man-I-cure for the main man

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Don't hesitate to get a manicure-pedicure session at a beauty parlour if you want to show off immaculate photogenic hands on your wedding day. Give yourself a pampering long-lasting treatment to help you relax. There are a lot of places that provide you with such beauty and handsome treatments and sessions in the comfort of your own home.

4. Facial-spatial

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A facial can do wonders to your skin no matter what your skin type including wry, tripod, and dull. It helps in restoring the softness and shine of your face which has been lost due to everyday pollution and sweat accumulation. You can get a variety of specialised treatments according to your specific issues such as Silk peels for smoothening or microcurrent facial for strengthening and firming.

5. The holy moly massage

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Weddings, no matter how spectacular or joyful, can always become a cause of stress, particularly for the bride and groom. In such circumstances, a rejuvenating massage can assist you in leaving a lot of stress and uplift both the body and the mind. Go ahead and reward yourself because you deserve it.

6. For that pearly smile

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What kind of bedding is it if you can't give your intended Million Dollar Smile? LED whitening kits and whitening strips can assist you in achieving that postcard-perfect pearly whiteness. You can also go for teeth whitening programs at least three months ahead of time to allow it to perform its magic. You can also visit your dentist for a professional whitening procedure.

7. Drink up

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This sounds very simple but is not followed by most of us. Water not only replenishes your insides but also does wonders on your skin. Start a regular eight glasses of water a day workout before your wedding and your skin will be bright, clean, and flushed enough to rival a bride in time for the big day.

8. Regular rules

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We love the people who take care of their skin and guys who embrace new skincare routine ahead of the wedding like a night cream, moisturiser, face masks and many other things. The only key to this is to be regular. Stopping your regime in between will only mess up your skin and make it dull. Go with your regular products and don't start trying new products right before your wedding.

9. Makeup for the man

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The groom's wedding makeup should be subtle and natural to look at. Go for concealer and a Foundation with a thin consistency. Lipstick is not permitted. Instead, use a slightly coloured chapstick. Now you are all set to sport your wedding attire beside your lovely wife. People will now look up to both of you with admiration.

10. A healthy lifestyle

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As we have already told you, drink as much as you can. Try to cut back on smoking for a month before your wedding and quitting a week before your wedding. If you are a non-smoker then you're already blessed. However, if you are a nicotine addict try to limit your intake for at least the next several days. Consume fresh fruits and veggies and work out daily. Do not push yourself beyond your physical limits. Try to jog, swim or run for 30 minutes. All these physical activities will help you improve blood circulation which will boost the natural glow of your skin and will also help you stay in shape so you can rock the groom's clothing on your wedding day.


We think it's high time to change the social norm that only women need to be prepared for their wedding, as our men equally deserve grooming and pampering sessions before the wedding day.

These are some of our tips for all the amazing men out there so that they can look like a dashing Prince Charming for the big day!

It’s time to groom the groom!

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  • Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin/ undereye problems, reach out to us on email.

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