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PKMH Mens Grooming 101

Male grooming and skincare products are more popular than ever, with an estimated global market worth of over £41 billion, which is predicted to increase by 10% in the next five years. While traditional shaving goods and gadgets, haircare, and styling still account for about half of this spending, the rest is primarily made up of skincare products, body care, skincare devices, and, in some countries, make-up.

New and intriguing products promising age-reversing efficacy, revitalized complexions, and overall healthier skin are constantly being introduced by new and inventive brands.

We at #pkmh have put together a list of what to look out for in 2022 to help you cut through the white noise.

1. Botanical Skincare

Natural skincare has gone from niche to mainstream in a matter of months. In general, there is a 50/50 split between those who favour natural products and those who prefer more active, AHA and retinol-based lines: botanical skincare attempts to bridge that gap. This new wave of products combines the force of active skincare with the softness of natural skincare by harnessing the power of plant medicines, plant stem cells, and, well, botanicals.

2. Skincare Devices

The rise of the intelligent skincare device has been unstoppable in recent years. These professional-grade instruments were created specifically for home usage, serving as the clinic in your bathroom. Naturally, as popularity grows, so does evolution and progress, resulting in the best and most effective collection of devices ever. The success of LED treatment in healing acne, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, and wrinkles without causing irritation or stress to the skin has long been talked in reverent tones — and the hype is real. While the results may take a little longer to show than typical acid-based treatments, using an LED mask on a regular basis will leave your skin looking revitalised, cleaner, and tighter.

3. Ceramides and Peptides will be at the forefront of skincare

Every year, there's a hot skincare component that's been around for a while—simply it's the one that marketers and companies are focusing on right now. Ceramides and peptides are the next in line.

Ceramides are a natural component of your skin's moisture barrier functions and are found throughout the body. This barrier keeps skin-aging chemicals out of the body while also keeping moisture in the skin from escaping. However, by the time we reach 40, we've lost more than half of them, which means our skin is more likely to display indications of ageing and damage, such as dryness, roughness, fine wrinkles, redness, looseness, and so on.

Peptides also aid in the re-establishment of something that has been lost over time. They're amino acids that makeup collagen and elastin in the skin, which keep it firm, flexible, and smooth. Peptides are an obvious inclusion in many anti-aging skincare products, especially eye treatments, because our collagen and elastin production depletes over time.

While many products already use these chemicals, expect them to become more popular this year, much like hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, Vitamin C, and niacinamide have recently.

4. Scalp care is essential

We all learned about trichology, or the relationship between scalp health and hair development, last year. Suddenly, scalp care was being discussed everywhere, from how to avoid hair loss to how to grow stronger, more glossy hair (even if you weren't predisposed to it). It's understandable, given that the scalp is the literal source of each hair strand. Moving future, expect hair care to take this bottom-up approach. Hair and scalp care are increasingly synonymous, and the latter is where it all begins. If a product doesn't explain how it affects hair at the root or how it maintains the harmony of your scalp (by, for example, toning sebum levels or neutralising bacteria), go on to one that does.

5. Messy Hair

Messy hair is one of the hair cosmetics trends for guys that is gaining traction this year. This style was popular a few years ago, and it's crucial to have hair with nice structure and volume so that it appears good when tousled. To achieve a beautiful dishevelled effect, the hair must be layered. We are seeing some extremely fascinating inventions to accomplish these effects now that guys are gradually returning to hairdressing and SPA.

6. Skin Positive

This movement teaches us to appreciate our flaws. Men have been able to grasp more different ideas of beauty as a result of the pandemic, seeing the reality behind the idealised figures we have idolised for so long and, most importantly, understanding that not everything we see on social media is accurate. This movement attempts to teach us how to be happy with our flaws, scars, pimples, blemishes, pores, and wrinkles. # Influencers and celebrities are becoming increasingly interested in skin positivity. Reducing the consequences of toxic masculinity in our perspective is also becoming a trend, and cosmetics play a big part in that.

7. Makeup for men

Makeup has managed to infiltrate the masculine market in a subtle way. Many businesses have created cosmetic lines just for males. There are numerous alternatives for men in cosmetics, ranging from tinted lip balms to foundations. In the male cosmetics sector, brands like Tom Ford enjoy a monopoly.

8. Caffeine Based Products

Few individuals are aware of the importance of caffeine in skincare and grooming. Caffeine is one of the most common compounds in many brands' goods. Caffeine helps to relieve inflammation and puffiness by contracting blood vessels when applied topically through masks and other beauty treatments. It also firms and brightens the skin, eliminates wrinkles, and minimises the appearance of cellulite on the body. Caffeine-infused eye lotions hydrate the delicate eye area while also reducing dark circles.


2022 is about men thinking about their well being, be it physically or mentally and to break the barriers of toxic masculinity and the grooming trends for this year totally stand in support of it.

As we at #pkmhrecommend grooming is not only a form of self indulgence but a path to overall wellness.

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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin/ undereye problems, reach out to us on email.

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