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PKMH Hair Trends

In 2022, we expect a LOT of new hair color requests, ranging from expensive brunette to bright baby blonde. On the trend radar, we'll notice the following: Every shade of brunette, bohemian blondes, bleach-and-tones, warmer hues, and much more!

Continue reading for a list of ten hair color trends that are about to take over the world this year.


Here we go:

1. Golden Copper

The colour red has been the most popular this year, and it shows no signs of slowing down. It's only going to get better from here.This color is popular among those who wish to make a bold statement. It's sultry and fun in equal measure. Just keep in mind that red is one of the most challenging colours to keep looking good, so expect many touch-ups and only use color-safe shampoos.

2. Winter White

We're swooning over this modern spin on the traditional bottle blonde trend. There's something about the one-tone, even color of a high-lift, or double-process, blonde that appeals to me. This blonde can transport you back to the elegance of Old Hollywood beauties like Marylyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield—perfect for someone who wishes to stand out in a crowd. Though anyone with enough bleach may get this hue, it's best for individuals with lighter natural hair colors because it's such a time-consuming process.

3. Brown Balayage

Subtle highlights are a great way to bring back dark hair colours without going crazy. Brown balayage adds depth and dimension to hair. This color has a wonderful, subtle sun-kissed touch to it and is suitable for many skin tones. For the most dimensional and natural look, have your colorist add varied hues of brown throughout your hair.

4. Deep Auburn

Deep, rich colors of red are a total yeah yes, especially for the upcoming colder months. The depth of these red colors is ideal for winter looks and looks stunning on women with darker complexion tones. The crimson draws attention to the warm tones in brown eyes. It puts the eye color as a contrast color and offers a lovely contrast for someone with blue or green tones. Choose a deep red or auburn color that isn't too violent. Because they are conditioning and provide beautiful shine, semi-permanent hair colors are ideal for this aesthetic.

5. Mahogany Glow

For 2021, hints of red—from peach to full-on pumpkin spice hair—were big, and they're not going anywhere this year. The latest variation of the trend is mahogany glow, which is ideal for dark hair. On rich brunette hair, these red-brown accents reflect light nicely. If you have textured hair with a dark natural base color, the tones are extremely attractive.

6. Curlights

Curly kings and queens will have the hair color of their dreams in 2022. The concern of breaking fragile strands and losing the curl pattern is common with highlighted curls, however, both can be achieved. It's easy to get lost in all that movement and volume, so when it comes to highlights, keep it simple: pick the curls you want to stand out and get them colored exactly how you want them.

7. Expensive Burnette

Given the expert consensus on magnified natural colors, it's no wonder that an opulent take on all brunette tints will be one of the major color trends in winter 2022. Brunettes are starting to have more fun, and it's all about depth and dimension this season to set the hue apart.

Because it's all about balance, it's important to know whether warmer or cooler tones complement your skin tone. This decision can be made regardless of how light or dark you want to go depending on the depth of your eyes and complexions. Caramel, warm chocolate, chestnut, copper, and gold should be requested by people with warmer tones, whereas iced, dark chocolate, and cool dark leather should be requested by those with cooler tones.

8. Chocolate Cherry

The lightest colours in chocolate cherry hair are a variety of reds (rose, red, and coppers), which are enhanced by a very rich brown as the background hue. It's a hue that people with a medium-deep skin tone wear well, and it can be achieved with highlights or balayage. The red is grounded by the darker base, and the contrast helps the hair look shinier overall. To achieve this hair colour, ask your colorist for a rich brown with red ribbons that complements your skintone.

9. Chunky Ribbons

Even though the year is 2022, people are still trying to recreate the 2000s with big highlights. This design is focused on generating colourful ribbons that have a lot of dimension. The money piece looks terrific done with a circular brush for movement and frames the perimeter around the face. Rather than the overly saturated 'balayage' that we commonly see, this would be produced with a classic balayage that actually highlights each piece.

10. Dark brown

No matter how many seasons pass, dark brown hair never gets out of trend. Dark chocolate, cold brew... Rich brown hair can be described in a variety of ways. It's not damaging to hair because it's a single-process colouring (meaning no bleach or lightening). It's a rich, dark color that's perfect for the new year because it's so dramatic and vibrant.


Hair fashion has its own trends & seasons, just like clothes! It’s entirely up to us to choose which trend works for us and blend it in with our own personality. The best trend to follow is a hair trend merged with your own personal style!

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