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Hair Prep for Holi

Care Before Play!

This year Holi will be quite different, with most Indian states and territories following the much required covid norms and prohibitions, but that doesn’t stop us from making the most of the festival within our own house with our family. And if you’re city has no prohibitions (barring social distancing and wearing a mask..duh!), this articles for you.

The festival of colours is around the corner and we all know how excited we get when Holi arrives.

Playing with colours and having delicious food will not be ignored by the Holi lovers even now.

But you know what comes along with Holi? The fear of getting skin damage, hair damage, and so on. Yes, it might sound scary for you now but Holi colours contain chemicals that can lead to certain damages of your hair and skin.

But worry not because we have got everything about for you.


Here is the list of tips you can follow and apply these items on your hair at least ten minutes prior to the celebration of colors and voila! No damages.

1) Coconut Oil

Apply coconut oil before getting out to play Holi, massage your hair properly and try to cover each and every part of your roots or scalp, cover each part of your hair so that your hair doesn't feel dry and frizzy after getting all colored and say goodbye to hair damage. Coconut Oil works the best treatment for every hair type.

2) Apply a good conditioner

Before heading out to play with Holi colours apply a good conditioner that provides a layer of protection to your hair. Leave it on, do not rinse. Conditioning your hair prior to holi celebrations leads to less frizziness and dryness as well leading to lesser overall damage.

3) Cover your hair

The very best way to protect any hair type be it blonde or normal colour or non-coloured hair is to cover it with a bandana or a scarf. The super chic bandana will make you look cool as well as protect your entire hair from getting damaged that leads to hair-fall and various other hair issues.

4) Olive Oil

You can also apply olive oil instead of coconut oil and it helps conditioning further as it is thicker in consistency.

Start applying from the scalp to the ends, so the roots remain colour free too.

5) Colourant Shampoo

If you have coloured your hair recently, or if you have gone for highlighting, you have to apply colourant shampoo that is sulfate free and thus, will protect you from harmful chemicals that lead to hair damage. Do not miss this part if you don't want your new colored hair to fade away. Apply a leave in conditioner or oil after to protect your gorgeous tresses.


These were some of the important tips or we can say products you can follow and apply before heading out to play Holi and damage your hair excessively.

Other than this don't forget to have lots of Gujiyas this Holi, celebrate the festival of colors to the fullest as well as protect your hair and skin from harmful chemicals.


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a specific hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

Disclaimer: We do not promote the play of Holi this year. We are merely suggesting beauty and hair care rituals. Kindly follow your area, district, city and states covid norms. Stay Safe Social Distance and Mask Up!

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