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PKMH Hairstyle Trends

If, for obvious reasons—movie evenings on the couch were definitely the Friday night highlight!—last year's focus was on embracing natural texture and no-fuss hairstyles, 2022 is shaping up to be all of that, plus a bit more. The new year calls for new beginnings of many types, which makes it the ideal moment for new hairdo trends to lead us right to the salon.

We're taking last year's low-maintenance aesthetic to the next level with statement-making cuts that do all the work and lead us back to previous decades—but just the trendy ones. There are shaggy layers, blunt fringes, and vintage styles just begging to be created. The time is now, if you've been itching to make a chop. (We're talking antique bobs, bangs, and long cuts with a modern twist.)


These are some of our #pkmhrecommends top picks in haircuts which we are going to see all around this year:

1. Buzzcut Haircut

The buzzcut hairstyle is a bit irreverent since it involves shaving the head, i.e., making that fatal cut and radically changing one's appearance. Do you think you'd be brave enough? It's a contemporary cut with a lot of meaning for strong ladies.

2. Short Bob Haircut

The most contemporary variation of the long bob is shown in the 2022 short bob female hairstyle trend. In addition to being shorter, the haircut has current modifications in which the ends are no longer straight and begin to peak. The ideal cut for fashionable, trendy women.

3. Undercut Haircut

The shaved nape is a distinguishing feature of the undercut haircut, and some people use a razor to create patterns in their hair. The cut can be seen with a collar or short hair, but it can also be covered if long strands are utilised to hide the cut.

4. Baby Bang Haircut

The baby bang female hairstyle is distinguished by a shorter fringe and a contemporary, laid-back appearance. The fringe is shorter and sits over the brows; this cut is divisive; there are some who like it and those who don't. This fringe length was popular in the 1980s and is expected to be popular again in 2022.

5. Grown Out Crop Haircut

This is the most sophisticated crop cut we've seen all year. It's wearable and lengthy thanks to side-swept bangs and attractive layers.

6. One Length Haircut

And now, for the most up-to-date Chanel hairstyle. a single length which is likewise just a straight cut, but uneven and flat, with no fraying or layers. Long Bob has passed away and has been replaced by One Length.

7. Gradient or Layered Cut

The layered or gradient haircut is also a classic style that has evolved through time. It has experienced several changes, but it will be present in hairstyles in 2022. The cut involves creating many layers in the hair to add volume and flexibility.

8. A- Line Bob Haircut

Looking for a trendy and adaptable medium cut? So go for the A-line Bob cut; it's excellent, adds attractiveness, and elevates a woman's style. The cut is appropriate for any occasion because the back of the neck is exposed and the sides are lengthy. The ideal haircut for enjoying the summer heat without having to worry about your hair.

9. Pixiecut Haircut

This cut is ideal for modern and empowered women since it features a short nape of the neck with the longest bangs that can be styled in a variety of ways. For people with short hair, the pixie cut is excellent.

10. Long Bob Haircut

Modern women are familiar with the 2022 long bob hairstyle because it combines style, elegance, and practicality in one cut. It's a lengthier haircut with longer side ends and a shorter back that's either at or below the shoulder.


2022 is all about embracing yourself and your personality and going for things and hairstyles which not only look amazing on you but will also change your entire look.

It’s time to get that much desired makeover now!

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