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PKMH Hair 101

When it comes to styling short hair, you have a lot of alternatives. You can add texture, braids, clips and some more vivid hair accessories—the possibilities are almost unlimited. So, whether you're planning to cut your hair soon and need some inspiration, or you just want to break out of your short-hair styling rut, we at #pkmh have got you covered with all the tips and tricks for styling pixie cuts, bobs, and other short haircuts, as well as 10 looks, to get you inspired to *finally* try something new!


1. French Twist On Short Hair

It's a common myth that you can't have a hairstyle with short hair. You can do anything with lots of bobby pins and bobby pins. After styling the curls, roll them back vertically and secure them with pins that match your hair color. If all the strands do not reach the entire face, leave some around the face for a soft and intentional effect.

2. The Wet Look

Do you like how your hair looks after you've gotten out of the shower? Use a hair serum or balm to create the illusion of wet hair without the sopping wet strands.

3. Messy and accessorized

The contrast between the wet, ruffled strands and a lovely pearl hair barrette keeps this short hairdo from feeling too prissy or too mussy. Try a strong-hold mousse Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam on damp hair for grip, then on dry hair for enhanced texture without the greasy feel of pomade or the crunchy feel of a gel.

4. Beachy Waves

For beach waves like this, you don't need waist-length hair. To mimic beachy waves on short hair that seems like you just emerged from the water, Ariel style, you'll need a heat protectant, curling wand, and a little salt spray.

5. Lob on short hair

To achieve this look with short hair, separate your hair off-center and curl the ends under with a round brush and your blow dryer. Even better if you have a two-in-one hair-dryer brush. Make sure the tool is curled under and toward your chin.

6. A Pompadour

If you like your hair to have a lot of volumes, don't let flat roots ruin your look. Apply a thickening spray on damp hair, then blow-dry your hair in an upward direction to add volume. Curl little portions of hair away from your face with a small flat iron, then hairspray it all in place.

7. Subtle waves and statement clips

Oh, you didn't realize a flat iron could create beach waves? Curl your hair, as usual, using a straightener, but as you release it, tug on the strand while it's still heated to prolong and relax the curl. Then, to finish it off, add some statement bobby pins.

8. S Waves

Even if you don't have a three-prong iron, a flat iron and a flick of the wrist may generate uniform S-waves on short hair. To make a zig-zag pattern, alternate the direction of the flat iron as you feed the hair through the plates. Then, to make it look a little less flawless, spritz it with texturizing spray.

9. Half wavy half straight

Here's a short hairstyle to attempt if you can't decide whether to straighten or curl your hair. Keep your hair parted on the side and straight and tucked behind your ear on the half with less strands. Curl little parts toward your face on the other side, then pin them up. Remove the pins and brush out the ringlets with a boar-bristle brush once the hair has cooled for soft glam waves like these.

10. Short bob with bangs

If you're bored of straightening your hair all the time, go for a softer, messier, less severe style. The tousled texture isn't just for layered hairstyles! To obtain a grungy look like this, simply let your hair air dry and scrunch a dab of mousse or work a bit of pomade through dry strands.


We know what a hassle it is to style short hair hence we picked up these short hairstyle hacks just for you so that you can style your hair without any problem and look gorgeous every time you decide to experiment. Hairstyling is subjective and we know that every hair type is different and not everything suits everyone, therefore, we have given you a wide variety of options so that you can select the one which you like the most.

Go wild or go tame… create your own signature style!

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