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Hairstyles for Brides

The Wedding Season is Here

Hello there Brides-to-be!

Is your wedding date fast approaching and you still haven't decided on your hairstyle? Well, deciding the best hairstyle to match it with your overall outfit and makeup is very hard but you know everything has to be perfect, *Fingers crossed*. Well, we are here to add that magic, one that shows the best hairstyle ideas for your wedding ceremony. So, if you are done choosing your stunning wedding outfit, let's go to the list of amazing hairstyles for you to the tie knot with; a look of grandiosity.


Dutch Fishtail Braid

Hair - Megha Wadekar

Here we go with the classy bridal hairstyle that makes your whole outfit shine with elegance. The Dutch Fishtail Braid look starts off with the braid from sides and then merged into the whole fishtail braid, leaving some segments of the remaining hair and tying it down. Don't forget to loosen the strands to give a hot messy look. Now, add flowers and other ornaments to complete the whole majestic look.


Bubble Braid

Following the trend of aesthetics, the bubble Braid look is loved by so many people. This hairstyle looks complicated but is very easy to create. If you have thin hair, go for this hairstyle to add volume and make your outfit look perfect. All you have to do is make a normal braid but by pulling out the sections in between with the help of elastic bands to look like bubble. The result will amaze you when you add some good light pastel-colored flowers to it. Try this look now!


Heavy bridal bun with Roses

Oh! This ones such a mesmerizing hairstyle look. Seeking some inspiration from #AnushkaSharma's wedding look, you can get this heavy rose bun done for your wedding too. All you have to do is form a large low bun, maybe with hair extensions and add fresh roses to it along with the small star-like flowers to give an angelic look. Voila! You are ready to take your pheras.


The Dutch braid Bun

Don't you want to try something unique and creative for your wedding look? Well, normal is boring, and creativity is fun. Try this gorgeous Dutch bridal braid Bun by forming a fishtail braid and then folding it up to make a big bun, secure it with required hair tools. Collect some colorful and cute flowers matching with your outfit and pin them on to your bun. Can't keep calm because this hairstyle is worth a try.


Inward fishtail braid

Have you ever thought of going for a reverse fishtail braid? Well, this hairstyle is very popular these days and every bride should try this hairstyle. The way of creating this fishtail is inward which gives a fuller appearance to your hairstyle. Add a single big flower or various cute little flowers, or any other ornament of your choice to finally decorate this gorgeous look.


Messy bun

The fashion of a messy bun is not going out of trend anytime soon. The ladies out there love making messy buns for the aesthetic photo-worthy pictures. So, why not try this lookout on your wedding with a little bit of creativity? You can create this look by forming a bun and then pull some sections out of your bun for that fluffy look. Secure the look with volumizing spray. Try pulling some sections out from the hair from the front and get a layered effect that looks like a crown. Be ready to be a queen by adding some small ornaments or flowers. So perf!


Semi french braid

Here's the hairstyle for all the brides-to-be who want to flaunt their sassy hair on their wedding day. You can go for a french braid that covers only the upper section of the hair and leave the rest of the hair loose to give it a heavenly look. Add a bunch of flowers on the braid formed and you are ready to win that elegant game.


Beach waves with hair bubble braid

Imagine how amazing you would look with the combination of hair bubble hairstyle and beach waves hairstyle. The outcome is gonna be so gorgeous that you maybe end up getting a different photoshoot of your hairstyle. To create this look all you have to do is take some section of hair and create a bubble braid and secure those bubbles with elastic. Now, create loose curls on the rest of your open hair with the help of a curler and add small flowers or hair ornaments to it for a final royal look.


Loose Braid

These days ladies prefer to get a messy loose braid hairstyle on any occasion. When it comes to their wedding they are always up for this look. The funky fashionable look that it gives is incredibly perfect. This hairstyle is easy to create by forming a normal fishtail braid but loose. After completing the braid, take some segments out and secure them with volumizing spray. Add a floral tiara on your head to finally get that funky yet stylish look in no time.


Braided rose-like hair with curls

Rose Hair is rocking the list of trends these days due to its creativity and uniqueness. You can create some roses with your own hair by making a braid and rounding it up. Try creating one big rose or few small roses and keep the rest of the hair loose. Curl up your remaining hair and your mesmerizing hairstyle is ready. Add a tiara, small flowers, or hair ornaments to add some vibe of elegance to it. The guests at your wedding will pour buckets full of appreciation on you.


Did you love the hairstyles? Try these amazing and unique looks because these hairstyles are worth it. This wedding season, follow the trendiest option of hairstyles. Once you get these looks done with your complete outfit, your friends and other family members wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from drooling over these hairstyles over and over again.


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