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Benefits & Brands

Everything that happens inside your body is reflected on your skin. So if you're wondering why you got that big pimple before your important day, it's probably because of the hormonal imbalances and emotional stress. Therefore, what happens in the body internally, is directly linked to the health of your skin. In such cases holistic methods to take care of your skin, prove to be a life saver.

Holistic skin care is an ancient practice where in your skin is treated on a larger scale. That is, it is examined keeping the deeper inherent picture understanding the root cause of your skin imbalances, treating the cause and not just the symptoms. It essentially involves working on your lifestyle practices and spiritual connection to keep your body functions at parity.


Follow us on this journey towards holistic skincare with a facial and a few brands #pkmhrecommends that ascertain wellness meets beauty.

Banana’s For Beauty

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Banana is one of the most healthy fruits for eating as well as for treating your skin in the most healthy ways. With its natural nutrients and ease of being available everywhere. It leaves your skin moistured and smooth. Mash a banana and make a smooth and fine paste, and gently apply all over your face going down to the neck. Let it dry for 10-25 minutes. Then rinse it off with cool water. And here you go! Get smooth and shiny skin with everything natural. Also, you can go for a yoghurt face pack, wherein you require ¼ cup plain yoghurt, 2 tablespoons honey which helps in treating your acne and 1 medium banana.

Holistic Beauty Brands

1. Forest Essentials

Established in the year 2000, Forest Essentials is an Indian company which is highly famous for its luxurious Ayurvedic products. It is one of the most popular brands for organic products and has been rated amongst the top five organic brands in India full storm it is widely purchased online and offline by thousands of people. As each product is handmade with traditional methods, it its authenticity has won over the audience.

2. Soulflower

Launched in 2001, this brand is growing popular eversince due to its handmade products like soaps and essential oils and much more. With its aroma based formula, animal cruelty free and vegetarian nature, it’s highly recommended to the millennials. It’s infused with ancient Ayurveda to provide your skin with best skin care.

3. Organic Harvest

Image Courtesy: Business World

The products of this exquisite brand are free from any pesticides and fertilisers. The products are free from parabens, mineral oils and harmful toxics hence its of the best organic brands in India. It’s vegan formula and chemical free natures helps in smoothening your skin and reducing the chances of acne.

4. Dear Earth

The organic nutrients of its products and skincare range, are handmade with natural ingredients that will bless your skin and provide it with the nourishment it needs. All products are made from flower extracts, essential oils and soils with nutrients.

5. Khadi Natural

This is one of the most old and underrated brands in India, and has a wide range of organic and affordable skin care products. The brand has been rated amongst the TOP 5 ORGANIC BRANDS IN INDIA and consists of herbal ingredients.


Making holistic skincare a part of your daily routine will not only help the superficial side of your beauty regimen, it’ll also take care of your inner self. Certainly worth a try!

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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a skin or a beauty related consultation, reach out to us on email.

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