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After having contracted Covid-19, testing negative is a significant victory over the deadly virus, but it's generally followed by a bizarre set of problems.

Many people have a flurry of post-Covid consequences as a result of the virus's huge impact on both physical and emotional well-being. These issues can prevent complete recovery for a long time. While cough, tiredness, poor exercise tolerance, skin allergies, dry eyes, shortness of breath, and other usual problems have been documented, the second wave of the pandemic witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of patients reporting hair loss following Covid-19.

Many of us now face hair loss on a daily basis as a result of many things such as bad food, lack of a suitable hair care regimen, and stress, but according to health experts, post-Covid hair loss can be very different and can continue up to four months. Post-Covid hair loss, also known as Telogen effluvium, is caused by stress, nutritional insufficiency, such as low vitamin D and B12 levels, and inflammatory responses.

Unlike typical hair loss, which can result in a loss of up to 100 strands per day, post-Covid hair loss can result in a loss of 300-400 strands per day.

So, what is the best course of action for individuals who are suffering from this vexing ailment?


Here are some #pkmhrecommends natural & simple home remedies for you to battle this hair fall problem from the root (pun intended).

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is high in potassium and iron, which promotes hair development while also reducing hair loss. Warm some coconut oil and use it to massage your scalp. After an hour, rinse it off or leave it on overnight.

2. Onion Juice

Onion juice may be applied to the scalp and hair, and it includes a significant quantity of sulphur, which promotes hair growth. Apply the juice and keep it on for 1 hour before washing it off. If you want to get even greater results, throw in some raw honey.

3. Egg

Some of the most important components in eggs that can help prevent hair loss include sulphur, iodine, zinc, protein, and phosphorus. Apply an egg and olive oil combination to your hair. Allow 20 minutes to pass before washing it off.

4. Amla

Amla is one of the most often used components in hair care. It is high in Vitamin C and other antioxidants, which aid in hair loss reduction. Apply a mixture of amla juice and lemon juice on your scalp and let it dry. Then, with lukewarm water, wash it.

5. Henna

Henna, often known as Mehendi, is another extensively used substance in hair treatment. It contains natural nourishing characteristics that aid in hair thickening. Apply henna to your hair and leave it alone until it dries. After that, rinse it with water.

6. Butter

Butter simply brings back memories of simpler times. It is recommended that you include butter in your breakfast, preferably homemade. White butter, ghee, or handmade Makhan is high in vitamin A, which helps to keep hair healthy, and vitamin D, which helps to prevent hair loss. Not only that, but ghee contains fatty acids, which may work wonders for your tresses.


In case these remedies do not work out do not forget to consult an trichologist for a more accurate and beneficial treatment. Other than this remember to take important supplements and maintain a healthy and nutritious diet because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

And most important for your hair, make sure you have proper and timely sleep as it helps in production of melatonin which inadvertently helps in hair growth.

We know covid times can be really tiring and stressful not just for our physical health but also our mental well-being. But the only thing we want to suggest to you is to keep calm and try these amazing natural home remedies for covid hair fall as these remedies target the important points and are really effective when it comes to solving hair fall issues. As we all know it is always better to try our home remedies first as they're totally harmless and can do wonders even in a short period.

Let’s keep it hair today … and gone there tomorrow!

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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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