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The Coolest Way To A Fresh Face

Image Source: Aceology - Blue Ice Globe Facial Massager

With therapies like CoolSculpting entering the news, we've all been a little obsessive about ice lately. It is not surprising to find that the effects of these therapies will vary from improved metabolism, relaxation of pain, and decreased inflammation. Sadly, however, most of the therapies have been limited to specialist clinics and are effective only with big premium tags, rendering many of us wondering. But that was just until recent times. Ice-rolling, the latest skincare procedure offers rapid outcomes, namely de-puffing, tightening and rejuvenating the skin.



Image Source: House Of Beauty

Ice-rolling requires an ice-roller tool that is used for massaging the forehead, which is a quite basic device that appears like a paint roller. A blend of gel and liquid forms the globe of the ice-roller, which transforms to ice as and when placed into the fridge. With the longevity of the ice effect this combination produced, the tool can be used for longer periods without before having to freeze it again.



Roll it in to and fro motion upwards and downwards from your brow and eventually from the left to the right side in a zig zag pattern, then roll it down to your area around the nose, lower side of the lip (moving backwards-add a little additional pressure on this region if your goal is tightened skin), externally on the edges of your face around the jawline, and back under your jaw, then conclude with your collar. On the side of your collarbone and top chest, it could be moved around as well for relaxation.



Dermatologists suggest that from forming jaw line to increasing the glow, there are several advantages.

The use of the frozen roller improves drainage, carries oxygen to the layer of the skin and helps to preserve shine and facilitate optimal cell activity. Also, ice-rolling can minimise itchiness and discolouration quickly, just as a frozen-pack can decrease inflammation and bruises.

The persistent ice-cold temperature tends to prevent blood vessels, reduce the presence of damaged capillaries and reduce irritation, contributing to rashes, allergens and pain.



Image source: Hockey Ice Energy Ball

Roll as much or as rarely as you want or just use it as an alternative to a simplified weekly self-care routine, it's also can be a brilliant ‘pick-me-up’ in the first hour after waking up for facial de-puffing. Ideally, accommodate 15 minutes, however 5 mins is also perfect if that's everything you need to devote to your skincare, use every day, daytime or evening, focusing on what fits perfectly for your everyday skin regime.


If you enjoy skin care the same way we do, then probably the ice rolling concept would certainly interest you. Enthusiasts with the next new thing are bloggers, fashion editors, and stylists & they do recommend it globally.

If you take a look at an ice roller you wouldn't want to leave until you have the grasp of it. And furthermore, when you're finished, there's no reason to put it away-it will look fabulous resting on your bathroom counter.

Just have fun with it & refresh your skin!


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