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Jade or even rose quartz facial rollers are fast becoming a skin care essential and for good reason, they are the the latest must-have beauty products. Crystals not just have special properties and abilities that are perfect for our skin, they also allow our mind and body to be energised, balanced and repaired. If you still are debating between these rollers, we have illustrated the key distinctions here.



It is known that jade holds a calming force in conventional oriental medicine that could help stabilise your own inner forces, calm the nerves and bring about a feeling of peace and control. In terms of features, while all facial rollers help minimise puffiness and encourage lymphatic activity, jade rollers typically have slight more skin resistance because they are not as flat as other crystals, such as rose quartz or emerald. As a result, many consumers will also mention jade rollers possessing a stronger effect on contouring and/or raising the skin.


• The jade stone, renowned for its medicinal powers, has for generations been an aspect of Oriental medicine.

• Brings harmony and positivity into being

• It helps to improve blood circulation, to introduce oxygen and blood supply to the upper skin layer, to facilitate healing and regeneration of damaged skin.

• Popular for balancing chi / inner force

• Helps in lymphatic draining and lowers swelling

• Good for skin raising and tightening, i.e. more skin colour and more contouring than most other facial roller.

• Helps improve development of collagen

• Balances out skin tone and improves skin restoration

• Diminishes and tightens swollen pores



Rose Quartz crystals were assumed by ancient Egyptians to have anti-aging effects. Goddess Isis is said to find rose quartz crystals along the Nile River and utilize them to keep her face clean and wrinkle-free. Often recognised as the love stone, this Rose Quartz roller is appreciated for its sensations of true love, self-care, pleasure, regeneration, and anti-inflammatory powers. So the calming rose quartz facial roller is ideal for you whether you deal with hypo-allergic, readily responsive skin, or possess inflammatory skin disorders like rosacea.


• Rose Quartz is well recognized as the stone of affection, everything is about self-love, wellbeing and sparking pleasure from the inside.

• Rose Quartz was mostly admired for its anti-aging properties in ancient Egypt.

• It helps to iron out fault lines and bumps

• Inherently, the stone includes magnesium, oxygen and silicon crystals. All the effects of these elements are absorbed into your skin once rolled onto the face.

• Re-energizes and rejuvenates the skin.

• Supports skin cell renovation and significantly reduces acne swelling as well as

• Enhances calmness and self-love

• Restores peace and balances feelings

• Rose Quartz is a strong crystal, butas compared to Jade, it preserves coolness. And for sore skin and eyes, it is the ideal cure!

• Prevents sagging and tightens swollen pores.

• Achieve desired even skin tone/ appearance and provides skin that shines from the inside.

• Helps with redness and under-eye bags

• The stone coolness tends to eliminate inflammation from the layers of skin, thereby relaxing the skin.


While all facial rollers have some immediate benefits, the advantages are clinically cumulative and medical experts believe that retaining a face roller for the long-term regimen helps with swelling, removal of wrinkles, dark under-eye lines, pore size and detoxifying.

Are you done? Are you ready?

Ok....Let's get rolling!


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