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Keep Your Nails Strong

Solutions To Your Nail Woes

Nails need some TLC too and the best way is by treating them right and nourishing them every day. For instance, give them the same importance that you give to your hair. With the same keratin proteins present in both you might want to focus on your nails too.

Make a routine and follow up with it. How can you go about it? Here are the best possible tips for healthy and strong nails.


1. Moisturise well

You need to keep your nails well moisturised. They go through a lot with everyday dirt, pollution and at times excessive nail polish. Every time you use nail paint remover your nails go dry, to gey rid of a dehydrated nail bed, make sure to moisturise them daily.

2. Diet check

You might have heard that your diet affects your hair but it is true in the case of nails too. You need to work on your bacteria filled nails. Nothing better than a diet which includes a lot of proteins and food with biotins. Having the right amount of water helps you on overall basis.

3. Avoid water

Yes we agree drinking water is good but do you know how your hands turn out when you keep them in soapy water too long or when you take long showers? They make your fingers wrinkled. However, they not only affect your skin but also your nails. They weaken your strong healthy nails from within. Make sure to stay away from long durations of water soaking.

4. Say no to biting nails

Just so you know nail biting does not only destroy your skin but also harms your teeth and becomes a huge contributor in spreading germs to your stomach. Why choose to go this way, grab a nail file and get your nails trimmed and shaped under 5 min.

5. Don’t mess with cuticles

Cuticles are there for the basic purpose of stopping the bacteria. Allow someone to push it back then and to trim it, cutting them completely could lead to several bacteria and nail breakage related issues. Instead, put-on moisturizer and cuticle oil to keep them nourished.

6. No Scraping

Image Courtesy: M2woman

While some people change their nail paint everyday others don’t, they just scrape and peel it off. Don’t be either one of them. Prevent from using too much of nail polish remover, if you are using one choose the best product available. While for others, scraping damages your nail texture and its protective layer. Stick to good nail care habits.

7. Choose quality

Do not apply some cheap nail product, it might cause harm to your nails. Good quality not only gives your nail a shine but also ensures that it is safe and healthy. Bacteria entering your body would not be uncommon if you chose to stick to low quality products.

8. Apply sunscreen

Apply sunscreen not only to your face but on your nails too. There are many sunscreen polishes available to keep you away from the harmful Sun’s rays. Use it while going for nail treatments too as the UV rays from the machine might cause harm to your nails or make them brittle.


Keeping your nails clean, trimmed and well moisturised is the key to have nourished and strong nails. Keep your hands dry don’t give bacteria time to collect between your nail and the nailbed.

With all these tips we at PKMH believe you’ll ‘nail the strong nail game’


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a skin or a beauty related consultation, reach out to us on email.

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