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Korean Beauty

A Guide For Your Skin

Korea loves beauty, but the type that come from flawlessness and naturally. Korean beauty care revolves around having healthy, exemplary skin. It takes a long time to actually take care of your skin and prevent breakouts, mitigate the symptoms of ageing, and look fantastic.

These easy hacks will offer you some tips on the Korean skin appearance look that you could use daily to get that radiant, clean skin you long for.



For individuals who wear cosmetics, this is especially important! They know how necessary it is in the region of South Korea to wash off all the makeup on your face that has been stewing all day or evening. To carefully clear makeup without any harsh scrubbing, it is common to first include an oil cleanser. And in order to double cleanse, go in for a thorough scrub with a foaming cleanser and get rid of all the pore clogging makeup residue.



Ditch the towel! Most of us don't even know how many germs our bath towels carry. Some of the harmful chemicals will persist and affect our delicate skin even though they are cleaned and dried. This is why, after the bath or after shaving your arms, it is safest to allow your skin to air dry. It could take a little longer to see the effects, but give it a shot!



Do you find your face a bit puffy? They abide by facial massages in the real Korean beauty sector! This helps boost the health of your skin by softly massaging your face when applying the cream. Roll on toners and moisturisers onto the skin to improve blood supply by using circular gestures. Many have claimed these massages rendered their faces look thinner and de-puffed.



It is indeed possible to extend the 10 second theory to skin care! In Korean makeup, it is advised to add toner and moisturiser within 10 seconds of you getting out of the shower. After washing, the steam bath from the shower or warm water expands your pores and helps them to absorb more readily in the liquid form, allowing your skincare game to be more powerful!



Image courtesy: TOI

This might sound the weirdest of all the beauty skincare hacks. Yet many believe this step stimulates blood supply and the skin's natural illumination from within! The tissues in your face are activated while making exaggerated smiles when repeating the A-E-I-O-U vowels. This technique is known to avoid skin sagging and promote facial tightening! Machines also exist that can assist you with mouth workouts



Sheet masks have come out in the modernised world now but for ages they have been a skincare staple in Korean beauty! In bringing hydration and brightening the face, sheet masks are indeed a necessary step.


Here’s a quick #PKMHRecommended 8 step by step Korean Skincare Guide

See how simple they all are? However, most of them can easily be incorporated into your beauty skincare routine! Which ones do you feel you're going to try out? Let us know in the comments below.


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a skin or a beauty related consultation, reach out to us on email.

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