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Let’s polygel together!

Natural looking nails with a much lighter to wear - Polygel Nail Technique.

Artificial nail techniques like gel & acrylic nails have been around for a while. A new technique we chanced upon and have had such fun experimenting with is the PolyGel technique.

Essentially, polygel nails are the intermediary between a normal gel manicure and gloss nails. They are much softer than gel, but they are more durable than acrylics. That gives them the ultimate nail treatment that really lasts for stunning durable manicures.

With the toughness of an acrylic, monomer/polymer combo, it is designed to be versatile like a spray expansion. It gives the nail specialist the time and room to truly produce the most architecturally designed nail to sculpt and build.

It can definitely be used as a gloss add-on on to real nails in the development of a natural look.


If you are interested to try a DIY Polygel nails, we have for you a step-wise guide on how and when to use Polygel nails, including many of the things we already use.

What You Need

Polygel Nail Gel Fast Maker

Nail Sheet

Polygel Two-headed Application Brush

Dual Nail Types

UV or LED Light

Slip Solution or Alcohol Coating

Polygel Base and Top Coat

Optional: cuticle clipper and nail drill

The Gelish PolyGel Professional Nail Technician All-in-One Enhancement Trial Kit (Black) is our choice.


• First of all, you're going to prep the nails to get them ready for the polygel nails. Filing your nails and designing the nail are part of this process. Ease up your cuticles and clean around the nail bed as much as required.

• Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and warm after you have shaped your nails & cleaned your cuticles. Ensure that the nail is absolutely dry. You may still use rubbing alcohol or the slip solution to get rid of some oil on the nail layer, if you want to.

• Choose a set of 10 dual forms to fit your nail size. On the edges of the nails, the dual shape should be a little wider on the side edges, than the real nail. This will prevent the bleeding of the gel into any nail gaps once the gel hardens.

• The forming process starts after you pick the right dual shapes for the size of your nail. Focus on taking the Polygel and placing it on the dual shape in small volume. This can be followed by the using the spatula to evenly place the polygel on the dual form.

• Follow this by dipping the brush side of the tool into the rubbing alcohol or slip solution.

Pro tip: This prevents the gel from sticking to the brush and allows for smoother application.

• Cover the dual form with the gel entirely. The cuticle area I.e the sides of the dual form being a thinner layer than the middle, to give the nails a natural nail curve when applied.

• Once the nails are filed, apply a thin Base Coat and cure under the UV or LED lamp for 45-60 seconds.

• Follow this up by taking the dual form and applying it at a 45-degree angle at the cuticle while press down lightly. Take a two-sided brush and dip it into the alcohol solution to brush off any excess gel. Once done turn the nail around to apply the gel to the back of the nail.

• Cure the nail under a UV or LED lamp then when it’s ready squeeze the sides of the dual form and pop it off. This is where you shape and file your nail before removing the excess dust with a tissue or a soft cloth.

• Finish it with a Top Coat application and cure the nail under your UV or LED lamp for the last setting process. Repeat the process for all 10 nails and you’re done!

In certain cases, the simplest explanation is to classify poly gel nail extensions as acrylic nails. However, the procedure and the ingredients used in the manicure are generally very distinct.

Like acrylics, poly gel is definitely a perfect go-to manicure, and it will last almost twice as long while looking more natural.

The reality of having lengthier nails may be a bit odd initially if you have never had nail extensions at all, but if you love longer nails, then poly gel is definitely worthwhile.


Signing off with a quick pictorial summarising the details of a -


Yes we love making beauty easy for our readers...

Go for Gel!


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