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PKMH Product Recommendations

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, even something as simple and ritualistic as an at-home manicure can help your mental health tremendously. There's one color in particular that we've been drawn to recently: a soothing light blue.

Light blue may seem like a deep, soothing breath of fresh air, whether you go for a 2.0 take on a conventional French tip or a full cream finish. Blue paint, according to experts, can help you relax at home, and the same goes for your nails.


In our #pkmhrecommends list we’ve selected some gorgeous light blue shades just for you so that you look amazing throughout the season.

Nykaa's sky-blue color nail paint will offer your nails a clean and sophisticated style, and it will look fantastic on long almond-shaped nails. In the sunlight, the cool-toned neutral almost seems white, giving it a great transitional tint as we enjoy the waning days of winters before heading into summers. It has an amazing drying time of 60 seconds and has a chip and smudge-resistant formula.

Price: 199 INR

If you're bored of the gloss and matte formulas and want something to glam up your look this sparkly nail shade won't disappoint you as it will give that extra oomph to your nails without making them go yellow and chipping. It is infused with avocado oil and lemon peel water which keeps your nails healthy and hydrated.

Price: 250 INR

O.P.I has an amazing collection when it comes to the coolest pearl-finish shades. It has the perfect balance of gloss and glitter in it which makes this shade really unique and gorgeous to look at. It has a super-rich formula with really high pigmentation and two coats will actually go a long way with it. It is chip-resistant and looks like a dream on your nails.

Price: 850 INR

This Cinderella blue from butter feels like a really cool and punk shade other than just being a girly princess shade. It has the perfect amount of blue with a slight touch of white somewhat making it look like powder blue. The shade is quite unique and the quality is also top-notch. It gives your nails a smooth and beautiful finish and makes your nails healthy, bright, and strong.

Price: 1970 INR

If you don't want to go totally for something opaque you can totally go for this shade as it has the aquamarine touch to it which dries up with a beautiful gloss finish. The color is quite unique and is quite different from the mainstream light blue you. It is highly pigmented and two coats will go a long way. It is infused with avocado oil and Vitamin E which makes your nails healthy and keeps them away from damage.

Price: 199 INR


We've been considering "something lilac" as the manicure of choice for almost all of us since Sophie Turner wore glossy lilac nail lacquer to her wedding. This time of year, when you're tired of browns and reds and want to inspire spring without going too light with pink or white, the high-gloss lilac is a terrific choice.

Below are some lilac polishes we at #pkmhrecommend

Some pastel nail paints are so light that three coats are required to get complete coverage. This pinky violet has a gel-like texture and is fully opaque with just one application. The shade is quite unique and the quality is also top-notch. It gives your nails a smooth and beautiful finish and makes your nails healthy, bright, and strong.

Price: 1970 INR

We've all seen how beautiful glossy nail paints can be when they provide good coverage. That's exactly what this Kay Beauty Nail Polish in the color 'Tender Lavender' does. The brush glides overall nail sizes with ease and provides excellent coverage. Apply cuticle care and a base coat before applying two coats of this light purple nail paint for a faultless manicure.

Price: 225 INR

Are you seeking a light purple nail polish in a pastel shade? Your perfect match is Lenphor Nail Tint - Lilac Tingle, a popular salon lacquer. It has a stylish and lovely shiny sheen without being overbearing. It has a semi-matte finish if you don't use a top coat for a more subtle effect.

Price: 249 INR

In minutes, the correct shade of purple can transform anyone's nails from drab to beautiful. This MyGlamm polish is a subtle yet gorgeous pastel purple with an elegant gloss unlike any other. It gives you a salon and spa-like manicure radiance that you can't get enough of. It's made of a cream-based solution that's soothing and suitable for all skin types and can be used daily. It's a must-have in every vanity bag because it's simple to apply and remove.

Price: 295 INR

If you want to go for a lilac different from the mainstream shades this is the perfect shade for you. It has a subtle purple and creamy Matte Finish. Unlike other glitter nail polish, it will not leave any residue on your clothes or hand and the gorgeous shade will turn all the heads around you to take a look at it.

Price: 110 INR


Now that we have given you so many options you can select the shade of blue or lilac which suits you the best and can have fun with these different and unique hues.

Let’s add some soft colours to our nails!


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Note the recipes & recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns , reach out to us on email.

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