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Lip Stains - Benefits and Products

PKMH Recommends

Women are drooling over the new era of lip stains that are trending in the world of make-up. The smudge-proof and gradient texture of lip stains is what makes it perfect when we have long days planned and we want to look classy.

Lip stains are made of synthetic dyes or natural ingredients which are added to stain your lips for about 18 hours. Thru give a smudge-proof and long lasting finish to your lips.

Lip stains are very different from lip balms and lip tints. Basically, lip tints are just a lip product that gives a slightly tinted texture and keeps your lips glossy and moisturised. Lip balms are creamy textured and sheer balms are used to moisturize your lips without placing much colour on the lip area. Lip stains, on the other hand, are alcohol based. They dry fast and give long lasting colour to your lips.


Let's scroll down to the list of #pkmhrecommends lip stains available in the market:

Girls are going head over heels for this lip stain that gives a nice stain and shine to your lips. Enjoy all day long wear with this product. People are loving the shades and its textures and have mostly rated it with 5 stars.

Price: Rs.1350

If you want to look fresh and classy all day with breathtaking different shades, colorbar is the one for you. The lip stain can last upto 12 hours and can bear anything from delicious food to your passionate kiss. Most of them are loving the matte finish and rated it with 5 stars due to the long lasting effect and smooth texture.

Price: Rs.855

This is a waterproof lip product that is a combination of a lip tint and a lip stain. People are absolutely loving it's texture and the finish.

The longevity of this lip product has got 3.4 stars on average.

Price: Rs.424

This Lip stain has a glossy texture. The lip stain has a peel off texture and so you need to peel off the entire product after waiting for 8-10 minutes for it to set on your lips. After peeling off the stain, you get the glossiest long-lasting stain for your long day. The item has mostly been rated with 3-4 stars online.

Price: Rs.399

If it's your first time with lip stains and you want to experience how it works, then go for this lip stain that is not so expensive. This is a nice one if you're looking for a stain that is long lasting and prevents your lips from drying. Not many people have tried this lip stain and thus, we recommend you to give it a try and give honest feedback.

Price: Rs.455

Get the super long-lasting and highly pigmented look with this lip stain. The formula of this lip stain is soft, nourishing and provides an effortless matte finish to your lips all day. People are loving the product and have rated it with 4 stars mostly.

Price: Rs.390


Lip stains are a choice you make if you want to move away from the traditional lipstick. They can be worn with heavy or some basic makeup. The application is simple and the texture is light & we certainly would give it a go during the monsoons for easy wear.

Happy Lip Staining!


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