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Luxurious Body Care

Every ‘Body’ is Beautiful

'Tis' the time to love every inch of your body!' Body masks typically contain active ingredients that hydrate and nourish the skin with deep absorption and long lasting results. Body moisturisers are designed to revive oil and water into the skin; with body masks, you can achieve the same effects as well as so much more. If you are using a facial moisturiser and a face mask, why not try a luxurious body moisturiser and a body mask or even a body scrub?'


Continue scrolling down to find a body care routine that should be part of your regular week.

The sheet mask is an all-rounder that helps in giving body contour and curves. The sheet mask is excellent in combating body acne and restoring the texture of the skin. People are going crazy over this mask!

Price: ₹413

The clay mask absorbs the production of excess oil and water in the skin that plays a huge role in toning your body. Get it for ya to see feel the smooth skin of your body.

Price: ₹638

The combination of three jars that provides nourishment, helps in removing tanning as well as deep moisturization to your skin is here to give you the best bath experience. Get the desired results in a few days!

Price: ₹1075

The product to bottle up your traveling days. The non-greasy formula hydrates your skin hoti 8 hours and is very light weight. The gel based formula absorbs instantly after applying. A must-have product for your travel skincare kit!

Price: ₹413

Another very amazing product ladies are dying to get their hands on is the MCaffeine body toning kit. The kit polishes your skin, reduces stretch marks, moisturizes and tones your skin.

Price: ₹995

The product is getting a really good response from the ladies as it reduces stretch marks and scars. It also exfoliates and reveals your smooth skin and also it evens out the skin discoloration.

Price: ₹360

Another really luxurious product is this contouring treatment oil that gives a feeling of good wellbeing. The oil reduces the look of sponginess as well as moisturizes skin from your shoulder to toes.

Price: ₹3600

The amazing product with coffee-based exfoliators. The product is rich in healthy vitamins that leaves your body smooth and soft. Give this product a try and you'll fall in love with it.

Price: ₹5184

The product that is clinically tested and sulfate free is something we can trust blindly. The body care Gel has proven to protect your skin against environmental pollution.

Price: ₹3957

The amazing body butter that moisturizes and hydrates your skin, giving it a smooth texture so that you cannot stop feeling your body smoothness the entire day. The butter suits all skin types and can prove very beneficial on a daily basis.

Price: ₹1595


There is no end to luxury and

the products featured above are just that. They are known to make you feel good inside-out.

After all, every body needs some tender loving care!

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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature and might not be suitable to everyone. Incase you have a specific skin, hair or a beauty query, reach out to us on email.

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