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Make up for a Zoom Meeting

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It is about 8:40 a.m. And you still are sleep deprived. Besides, your Zoom meeting starts in precisely fifteen minutes, so from getting ready to rolling your hair into a messy bun, you have precisely five minutes remaining to care for your face. What do you choose? A Concealer or Highlighter? Contouring or no contouring? Luckily, putting together a flawless makeup look may not consume that much time.

Let’s look at some tips and advice for appearing chic & put together on video and figure out how to change your workflow for a whole day of Zoom calls.


Now is the smartest time to play along with the your facial features. The first suggestion to look neat and tidy on the move is to concentrate less on hiding blemishes around the eyes, and instead concentrate on your cheeks, eyebrows, and lips. The go-to committee-call look, needs a rejuvenating oil to prepare the face.

Applying oil all over your face is a perfect shield — use a mattifying oil to avoid any glow out or reflection on the screen.

You only require a few drops of base with this approach and a few seconds to smooth it out with a fluffy blush once the oil has set in.

Go for a mascara & striking lips, this again depends on the nature of your work. But no one has ever gone wrong with a hint of colour. The plus factor being you’ll stand out over a zoom call.



The simplicity of makeup is largely dependent on one’s taste and daily schedule, but when in a rush we can still focus on syncing looks to produce stylized lips, cheekbones and eyes.

Ideally, we can start by spraying a hydrating mist on our skin. This enhances the suppleness of the skin while giving it a healthy flush.

Follow it up with a quick concealer where needed. Remember while concealing the mantra to follow is ‘less is more’. Brow gel to keep the truant eyebrow hairs in place & a little kohl to finish off the eyes are a few favourites for a last-minute zoom conference. With a little more time in hand enhance your face with a sheer foundation & highlighter over the cheekbones, while keeping the lips matt.



  1. Conceal around your eyes, dabbing with a concealer brush or with your fingertips to conceal the long work hours that shadow the under eye. (Yes no one says #workingfromhome is a privilege)

  2. Apply Kohl to the inner eye to make you feel brighter.

  3. Finish the look off with a lash defining mascara. Flutter your way through meetings.

  4. And if you have some luxurious time in hands, apply some matte eyeshadow on your upper eyelid, in neutral earthy tones to round up your look.

The key is to look fresh, yet well groomed for any meeting be it online or offline.

Get, set & zooming!

-PKMH Follow us on Instagram: @pkmhofficial

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