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Makeup for New Years Eve

PKMH Makeup 101

So we absolutely agree that New Year's Eve makeup (as well as New Year's Eve haircuts, aaand New Year's Eve manicure designs) should not be limited to just one night a year—especially since last year's New Year's Eve was robbed. So, why not get in the holiday spirit ahead of time by experimenting on a range of eye make-up styles for New Year's Eve? How about right now? Yes we know we have to keep celebrations down and low again. But if you really want to get the most out of the holidays (and who doesn't? ), how about trying one of these 10 New Year's Eve makeup ideas?

You will not be disappointed we can bet you on that.


1. Blush Contour

This may have been all the rage over the summer, but no cosmetic style should be limited to a single season, in my opinion. (Similarly, no "NYE look" should be limited to one night.) Apply any blush for your skin tone along your cheekbones and temples, exactly like you would contour. For a monochromatic look, use it with a lip and shadow in the same color family.

2. Bronzey

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: a bronzed appearance can (and should!) be worn throughout the year. Use a moisturizing moisturizer to prep your skin, then apply your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer with a dewy finish, and finish with your favorite face bronzer—don't be shy! Use a sparkly lip gloss and a little warm shimmer on your lids for a look that'll have you gloooowin' all night.

3. Colorful Waterline

The last touch is a monochrome blush, which elevates this makeup from a look to an LEWK. Smoke out your shadow, apply an exaggerated cat eye, and line the waterline with a bright liner of your choosing. (Of course, waterproof eyeliner is required.) Optional: Match your earrings to your liner to tie everything together.

4. Glossy Lids

Don't worry if your first thought of this look was, "It's completely magnificent, but I'm going to end up a sticky mess," because we're about to alter your opinion. The preparation and products you employ are the keys to a long-lasting shiny lid. (1) Apply an eye primer, (2) disperse your favorite nude shadow, (3) pack on the pigment, and (4), most crucially, finish with a shadow-specific eye gloss pigment.

5. Colorful Inner Corner

If you like bright colors but want to take it a step further, prime your lids and add a bright, rich shadow to the top inner corners. Then, using your favorite eyeshadow brush, spread it out, making sure to maintain the color's thickest behind the brow bone. Go for a bronzer and nude lips topped up with some gloss and you're good to go.

6. Subtle Shimmer

Wear this mild shimmer eye and a neutral lipstick for your skin tone if you're not a big makeup user but yet want to try out a look. Apply lots of peachy blush for that flushed look and you’re going to look amazing!

7. Graphic Eyeliner

What's the best part about graphic eyeliner? It appears to be impossible to make, yet it is actually rather simple. And, given that everyone else's Christmas or New Year's makeup will most likely be a faint shade of black, just trying this look will get you brownie points. Simply use a red or coloured eyeliner to outline your top lash line, then continue the line straight to the edge of your brow. Swoop it up and under your brow bone, and you've nailed this look.

8. Smudged Smokey Eyes

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the absolute SMOKINESS of these smoky eyes? Layers upon layers of any black eyeshadow stick, softly blended out to give the effect of jet-black, burning smoke—this is cosmetic magic at its finest. Go for nude lips and bronzey makeup topped up with subtle highlighter at high points for this look.

9. Shimmery Holographic Inner Eyes

Copy the two-toned trend by putting an opaque layer of holographic eyeshadow over the inner third of your eyelids, keeping the rest of your makeup neutral—or not! Go for a peach blush and nude lips for this look.

10. Crystal Inner Corner

I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but a great holiday/New Year's makeup look doesn't require shimmer, glitter, or varied hues of jewel tones. Make like Kendall Jenner and smudge a neon-orange eyeshadow over your lids and around your lower lash line for a megawatt finish. Go for a good lengthening mascara and satin lips.


These are some of our top picks for your New Year Eve makeup look so that you start your year with some glam and confidence and stride your way into 2022.

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