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Makeup for Rakshabandhan

PKMH Look Recommendations

We are a day away from Raksha Bandhan and it calls for getting ready in our finest ethnic attire. The ongoing pandemic might have changed our lives in many ways, but let's utilize this festival and get dolled up to boost our spirits.

Here are our #PKMHRecommends 5 makeup looks which are basic yet eye-catching:


1.Dewy Look

This basic look will add shine to your face. To follow this:

a. Apply a moisturizer and prep your skin nicely with basic skincare.

b. Use a matte primer for non-oily look

c. Apply matte concealer and just dab the foundation wherever necessary to remove that mark and you are good to go.

d. Use a contouring technique to give some structure and dimension and just apply some coloured Lip Balm and you are good to go.

e. Add just a bit of highlighter to cheeks for a dewy look.

2. Defining Blush

This look focuses more on a healthy flushed look.

a. Contour your cheekbones to the fuller part of the cheek.

b. You can use bronzing powder as well for a more intense look.

c. Apply pink blush to your cheeks. For fuller cheeks, apply the blush on the apple of your checks and for an elongated look apply it towards the side of your face. For a sun-kissed, apply evenly near your nose.

d. Add a lil highlighter or illuminator on your cheeks and to the temple and you are good to rock any outfit you wear on this special festival.

3. Sparkling Eyes

This look highlights your eyes to create an intense Smokey look.

a. Add a dark liner stroke with a kohl pencil or matte eyeliner.

b. Conceal your under eyes and blend it.

c. Add white liner to lower lids and gold highlighter to corners of your eyes.

d. For intense eyes, you can smoke the liner with a eyeshadow in a similar shade or any deep hue.

e. Add a bit of highlighter on the brow bone to add dimension.

f. Complete the look with a good mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes.

4. Full Lips

This one focuses on making your lips look fuller and luscious.

a. Exfoliate your lips, to remove any dead skin cells.

b. Prep your lips with lip primer.

c. Outline your lips with a lip liner of your choice and fill it in. This is an important step.

d. Apply a lipstick matching your lipliner. Mostly Indian women choose deep red or bright pinks on festive occasions and we say why not? The festival is yours, make the most it.

5. Glossy Lips

Glossy lips are in trend. To get this look, follow the steps below:

a. Prep your lips by removing dead cells and hydrating them with an exfoliating lip scrub.

b. Apply a lip liner.

c. Add lipstick which matches with your liner.

d. Now choose a gloss which is in sync with your lipstick. Like for peach lipstick, choose a shade of peach in gloss as well and apply it. You can also amplify your lip colour with a transparent gloss.


These are 5 basic looks which one can easily try and ace for this Raksha Bandhan. Try it out and see yourself receiving compliments from your brothers and sisters. They are simple, yet trendy and are in line with easy in- vogue makeup techniques.


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Note: The recommendations mentioned in the article are generic in nature. Incase you‘d like a hair or a beauty consultation, reach out to us on email.

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