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Makeup To Enhance Your Eye Shape

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

PKMH Makeup Tips

All eye shapes are gorgeous, in all shapes and sizes - almond, hooded, round, monolid, upturned downturned you name it.

People are drawn towards our eyes when they first look at us, especially today when half our face is sometimes concealed by a mask. Indeed sales of eye cosmetics have hugely risen, making flicked eyes and smokey eyes pretty popular.

However, before you set about creating an eye makeup masterpiece, think about the eye shape you have and how you may best amp them up to enhance your features, as this will vary based on your eyes' unique structure.

Some our #pkmhrecommendations below:


1. Almond Eyes

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Make your eyes pop even more with a delicate wing liner. It's one of the most flattering forms for almond-shaped eyes as it adds extra dimension and shape and assists to elongate eyes for a more feline effect. When it comes to eyeshadow, pay close attention to where you apply the colour. On the outer corners of your eyes, use a darker colour and on the bottom, apply a lighter colour on the waterline as this helps to make eyes appear larger.

2. Round Eyes

Image Source: Getty

Sticking to a neutral colour pallet when enhancing round eyes is a terrific way to really show off the beauty and form. For round eyes, a liner in the waterline is always a smart idea. Apply a lighter tint to the lids and a darker shade to the crease; when applying mascara, concentrate on the top lashes.

3. Monolid Eyes

Image Source: Getty

Eyeliner is ideal for the monolid eye shape because it provides rapid definition. Always remember to keep it basic, clean, and stylish when it comes to monolid eye makeup. Smudge the liner when you reach the outer edges and be sure to arch the brow to define the eye shape as well. Another approach to accentuate monolid eyes is to use a nude eyeliner on the lower waterline and softly smeared eyeshadow.

4. Downturned Eyes

Image Source: Getty

Keeping the lashes curled and erect with a lash curler on downturned eyes will make a tremendous difference in the form. Use an eyeliner to follow the curve of the eye in a straight line rather than bending it to enhance a downturned eye shape. Keep your eyeliner straight. Slightly cheat the outer edge, then use a shadow or your favourite liner to blur off the lower lash line as well.

5. Hooded Eyes

Image Source: Getty

Color can readily draw attention to hooded eyes.More stress should be accentuated on the necessity of makeup not transferring to the eyes when they are open, recommending waterproof liner and mascara to accomplish it. Add a touch of light to the inner corners and just under the brow bone.

6. Upturned Eyes

Image Source: Getty

Winged eyeliner is a terrific go-to makeup option that instantly enhances upturned eyes. Well-defined brows really set the tone for this classic eye look. Play around with coloured liners and keep your lid clean.

7. Close Set Eyes

Image Source: Getty

Such eyes tend to have limited space between them. Focus your shadow on the outer corners of both the top and bottom of your eye to give the illusion of wider set eyes. consider putting a shimmer shadow to the inner corner of each eye to create the illusion of greater space. Reflective or shimmer shadows reflect light and draw attention to certain parts of the eye. This will assist to avoid heavy shadows in the inner corner of the eye, making the eyes appear closer together.

8. Wide Eyes

Image Source: Getty

Such eyes tend to have bigger space between them so the key is to make them look close together. Use a black or brown eye pencil to draw the whole lash line to give the illusion that your eyes are closer together. To close the space, pull your eye shadow closer to the inner corner of your eyes. Blend all your deeper shadows inwards and keep the outer corners somewhat softer.Highlight underneath the farthest area of the brow and the outside corner of the eyes rather than the inner corner.



Do: Apply a foundation or primer to your eyes and blend thoroughly.

Don’t: Using too much base primer because it's not necessary.

Do: Use a base eyeshadow colour that matches your skin tone.

Don’t: Use a base eyeshadow colour that is lighter or darker than your skin tone.

Do: Use muted tones with highlighters to make your eyes look brighter.

Don’t: Use a really bright hue since it may make your eyes appear weary and washed out unless applied properly.

Do: When applying the colour to your crease, just distribute it until it reaches the middle of your eyelid.

Don’t: Apply the colour to the crease and drag it all the way to the inner corners of your eyes.

Do: Use an angled brush; it will make a huge impact.

Don’t: Use a conventional eyeshadow brush since the result will be a thick, messy line.


Above all, be cautious when removing your eye makeup, as the eyes and skin around them are quite delicate. Always wash your hands thoroughly before removing eye makeup.

These are some of our #pkmhrecommends tips we want you to keep in mind before you go about enhancing your eyes with makeup.

The idea is the accentuate your existent features and enjoy your natural beauty.


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Note: The tips mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific look for an event or occasion please reach out to us on email.

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