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Makeup Trends 2021

PKMH Top Ten

Makeup tips and tricks were limited to #wfh in 2020. Everything was a #diy and functional makeup looks did the trick. But with 2021 and the hope it brings us, life seems to be going back to its new normal. Makeup trends are in dire need now. We were isolated and life was stuck but as they say trends kept going on.

However, masks are here to stay for a while and the makeup trends for 2021 trends have certainly taken that in consideration.


No-Makeup Look/ Dolphin Skin

Many of us might not like layers and layers of caking of makeup. But we do want to look pretty. How is it humanly possible then?

Opt for the no makeup look or even better glowing skin. Before you apply your products make sure to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Follow that up with makeup products; add on primers, balms and hydrating foundations. Do your skin prep routine carefully. Add on your basic makeup and to end it well just focus on highlighting. Remember we are not talking about the skin looking greasy but about an luminous look.


Smoky Eyes

Eyes are all you can see up close when you are wearing a mask and since they are a part of our daily accessory now, we have to work for our makeup work around it. Make sure you go full out with your eyes in order to complete your makeup look.

Smokey eyes, ‘the classic’ as we term it now, make your eyes pop and are very easy to pull off.

Fake eyelashes make your lashes look thick and long, if you don’t know how to use them, start with lash lengthening mascara. It adds on to the entire look and makes your smoky eyes more prominent. Smoky eyes were always a go to look and with variations and twists are here to stay through many fashion seasons.


Colourful Mascara

Nothing attracts more attention than you wearing a pop colour mascara. Mascara highlights and does your eye good. They might not be too visible but the more you coat the more it presents itself. Try out all the insanely bright colours. Pull it together with your eyeshadow game. Give your eyes a smoky edge with a tinge of colour.


Shimmer Cat Eyes

Some may want to try out basic looks but other may go all out. Thinking about the pandemic followed by the quarantine we can safely assume that it’s the bold and shiny look we are going for. Shimmer and glitter may look too much sometimes especially for the upcoming #SpringSummer2021 but If paired right it give you an intense look. Pair it with your all-time favourite cat eyes and it will do wonders while taking the word boring out of the context.


Graphic Eyeliner

Eyeliners are no longer just preferred black but now we experiment with them. The colours define your mood, the style defines your look. With the new way of applying eyeliners the game has been spiced up. It adds on the dramatic look to your eyes, making it standout more. 2021 we can say is all about the eyes. Known to be a difficult task but promised with an outstanding result try out graphic liners, double them up or swerve them. This trend could just become your signature look.


90’s liner

It is no true saying that trends have to be new and different. An old trend can have its limelight now too. Any old hit can now be your favourite sound track. The 90’s liner and makeup trend has resurrected. Its styling and look have made people switch back to it. The slim tight lined liner is in. Pairing such a simple look with nude lipstick and light blush might give you a perfect look.



Ladies if you feeling down and not upto it having the perfect shade of lipstick or lip stains might just do the trick. With some delightful pop colours one does surely feel better. Some may want to stick with the nudes while others may try out some ‘out-there’ bright hues like oranges and tomato reds. Making a comeback in 2021 are colours like pink and scarlet. They certainly make you look and feel livelier. Basically set the mood of having ‘a Spring in your step’. (yes pun intended!)


Bow To The Brow

A very bold choice for a complete makeover. This emerging trend includes a neat slit on the eyebrow which brings in attention to your eyes. It looks cool and funky. You can even play with colours and make your eye makeup more prominent. While one slit may look neat double slits also make your face look lifted and gives you an overall sharp look to begin with. But we would leave this look to the experts to experiment with on you first.


Glitter Under Eyes

No glitter no party. Sparkly makeup has always stood out. You might have heard about putting on glitter as a coat over the eyeshadows and maybe on your cheekbones to highlight them. But in comes a trend to apply it under your eyes. You can match it with your colourful mascara give it a good combination.

Try out the loose glitter it gives away the boldest effect.


Go Glossy

Image Courtesy: Total Beauty

2021 seems the year to make your look work for you. Try out the full glossy look with your eyes and lips. Use a neutral base for both and apply a multitasking gloss on eyes & lips. One can even highlight their cheekbones with a little gloss. This end finish promises a wet- look. Perfect for an upcoming vacay we say!


Match your makeup look to this new year

of hope, fun and revelry. Match it with your attitude and style. Get back to the new normal and try out the new normal trends. These #PKMH Top 10 - 2021 Makeup Trends will keep your look updated and on point.


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Note: the recommendations mentioned in the article are for generic purpose only. Incase you‘d like a specific solution to your skin or beauty related concerns, pls reach out to us on email.

Disclaimer: The images in the article are sourced. We do not take credit for the images. Incase the images belong to you or your brand pls let us know. We would be happy to credit and tag you!

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