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Updated: Jan 23, 2022

PKMH Trend Recommendations

The year 2022 is here before we knew it. Curbs and lockdowns are back, but there's no need to fret. The start of a new year can be exhilarating and there’s always the need to add some colours to dull days.

As corny as it may seem, the new year may serve as a fresh start on anything you choose, whether it's a new pastime or trying out new beauty trends. Seriously, 2022 is the year to entirely freshen up your signature cosmetic style or try out that new product you've been thinking about.

Consider using vibrant colors. Sheens that are glossy. Shapes that are geometric. The makeup trends for 2022 are expected to be wild and outrageous. However, with so many possibilities, it's difficult to know where to begin. We've broken down the beauty trends we think will be huge in 2022 to help you narrow it down.


To choose the one you'll like, keep scrolling:

1. Neon Liner

One of our favourite beauty trends for 2022 is neon eyeliner, which can be worn alone without the need for eyeshadow mixing. It may take a few attempts to get it right, but a felt-tip liquid eyeliner can help you draw a crisp line on your eyelid without straining or skipping.

2. Extra Fluffy Brows

This super-fluffy brow may be achieved in a variety of ways: Get your brows laminated, make them yourself with the soap brows hack, or comb them up with clear or coloured eyebrow gel. The more expansive and drawn-out, the better.

3. Bold Lips

The bold lip trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, though. Is it the only thing that has changed? When we put it on. Not just for first dates and parties, but also for WFH meetings and errands, choose your brightest and boldest hue. If you're not sure which shade would look best on you, start by determining your skin undertones, which will help you decide whether you want a warmer or cooler toned lip.

4. Minimalist Winged Liner

We're very thankful for this minimalist winged eyeliner trend, because we've never been able to pull off a complete cat-eye. Pick up a liquid or crayon eyeliner in your favorite color and draw a little triangle on the outer corners of your eyes to get this look.

5. Green Eyeshadow

Green is having a tremendous moment right now, RN. It was the most overlooked hue throughout the majority of our lives, and now we can't get enough of it—can we be blamed? Consider the possibilities: Army! Lime! Mint! The possibilities are literally endless, but any of them, especially this blended forest-green eyeshadow, will put you right on style this year.

6. Glossy Lips

What we don't mean by gloss is a thick, sticky lip gloss that will snag any stray hair it can find. What I'm talking about is a lip gloss with just a hint of colour and shimmer (like this warm gold) to give your lips a delicate shine.

7. Statement Blush

As proven by the statement blush trend of 2022, whomever thought noticeable blush meant you were wearing too much was completely wrong. If you're worried about straddling the line between statement and WTF-worthy blush, go for a blush powder formula rather than a liquid blush, and mix it in a C-shape around the margins of your face. Then dab a dot of liquid highlighter around your cheekbones and brow bones for a glowy finish.

8. Glitter Makeup

Glitter is a big deal in 2022. There's no incorrect way to apply it to your eyes, cheeks, or lips. Do you want to resemble a human disco ball? Apply a roll-on glitter stick to the high points of your body (like your cheekbones). Dab a cream glitter eyeshadow on your lids with your finger or a tiny makeup brush for a more soft-glam look.

9. Soft Glam

We're also a big fan and a huge yes for this year's soft-glam makeup trend, which is a more relaxed take on the classic look. Get a little liquid blush and some fluffy makeup brushes to blur the edges on everything from your eyeliner to your eyeshadow instead of contour kits and smoky eyeshadow.

10. Burgundy Lips

Yes, the 1990s are still alive and well, and will most likely continue to be so every year until the end of time. One of the 2022 variants? Burgundy lips with a grunge makeup vibe. Layer on a bright burgundy lip colour like this for days when you're not sporting a '90s lip liner moment (more on that below). Alternatively, dab your lipstick in the middle of your lips, then smudge and blend it out with your finger for a more lived-in, smudged lip appearance.


In 2022, you can be stylish regardless of your cosmetic preferences, which range from low-key to high-key. We at PKMH praise individuals who are ready to roll out of bed, slap on some tinted moisturizer, and call it a day — as well as those who are about to spend 30 minutes refining their graphic eyeliner. These were some of our top makeup trends handpicked just for all our gorgeous readers out there. Choosing your signature makeup style just got easier!

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