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Manicures for Men

Benefits & More

Believe it or not, but men's manicures are becoming more popular than ever. It's refreshing and a blessing for your nails. Now men can have an excellent opportunity to clean up and groom their nails and pamper themselves for a change.

There are various benefits of manicure. Here's why men need manicure too-

● It helps maintain healthy hands and nails.

● Manicures for men also help in reducing stress and anxiety.

● It helps in reducing the signs of ageing from your hands as well.


Here's why Gen Z men need to take some time out and get a manicure!

1) It Helps In Improving Nail Health

There are various nail infections that can occur due to dirty nails. Getting a manicure on a regular basis can help in strengthening your nails and improve their health by keeping it short and clean.

2) Works As A De-stress Agent

Gen Z men are living with anxiety and stress nowadays. Manicures work best in reducing stress and anxiety. You'll receive a gentle and a relaxing hand massage with reflexology techniques because it involves hitting certain pressure points on your hands that sends calming signals to your brain.

3) Boosts Blood Circulation

The Massage also helps in stimulating blood flow. It has a wide range of benefits especially when you're suffering from cold hands.

4) Makes Your Hands Look Younger

To all the Gen Z men, it's not a good time to look old. Slow down your signs of aging. Manicure eliminates age spots and sun damage from your hands. It removes dead skin cells to provide an even skin tone.


Too lazy to go out? Well, here are some of the steps for DIY manicure at home.

Step 1- Cut your nails, using a nail cutter according to the desirable length.

Step 2- Use a nail file to smoothen up the edge of your nails. Always remember to move the nail file in one direction. Do not go back and forth while using a nail file. It will cause nails to peel out.

Step 3- Now apply a cuticle remover to the edges of your skin. Gently push back the cuticle from the nail's surface.

Step 4- Use a moisturizer to moisturize your cuticles.

Step 5- Now take a rich hand scrub and scrub your hands using it to remove dead skin cells and ashy skin texture.

Step 6- This step is a very important step. Apply a lotion or a moisturizer just after using a hand scrub. Dry your skin properly and apply a nice moisturiser now. Make sure to give a nice massage to your fingers, nails as well.

Step 7- You can use a little amount of nail polish remover to clean the plate of the nail. Leave the cuticles and skin alone.

Step 8- To get a magical shine or an added protection, you can apply a clear nail polish. But if you're a man who loves colored nail polish as well, definitely choose a color of your choice and complete your manicure with it.


Manicures mainly focus on your entire hand and not just on your nails. It can significantly improve the appearance of your hands.

Follow these few simple steps and you're ready for a therapeutic self pampering manicure session.

Happy self-pampering handsome men!


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